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How To Use Information To Promote Enterprise Transformation

How to promote the enterprise transformation of informationization, especially the manufacturing industry, the transformation of the standing committee of the national informatization expert consultation, deputy director of the zhouhongren think, the our country present stage still do not have constantly,rotary dryers fast with various kinds of the most advanced science and technology achievements transformation manufacturing ability, will in the coming one hundred and twenty year which the country's manufacturing realize from "that's more than anybody" to "neck and neck"impact crushing machine, and finally to "leading the trend" need a forward-looking and planned way, will science and technology, especially the modern information technology will be the leading edge of the latest achievements conversion for manufacturing products quickly.Obviously, to speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development has become china's economic development in the future for quite a long time lines.But industry competition is actually a technological competition, only the introduction of new technologymagnetic drum separator, to keep the core competitive power.The information industry has increasingly become the entire national economy national economy infrastructure.Broadbandore separating line, a new generation of information technology, key areas radiation obviously, drives the manufacturing, services, etc, to stimulate the consumption.It now appears that although the national policy on how to improve information through industrial enterprise competitiveness and a strong planningimpact crushing machine, but in the present economic system and the world economic recession in the background, the country industry transformation and upgrade it faces many problems.In the face of internal and external mainly embodies the pressure, particularly economic crisis highlighted the kind of pressure.Our industrial experience long-term development, and then began to face periodic adjustment pressure.Information within industry irrational industrial structure, part of the industry excess capacity seriousrock crushing plant, excessive dependence on investment and exports, the independent innovation capability is not strong, lack of core technology and brand of the problem still outstanding, on the whole, still are in the international industrial division of the system zhongdiduan.Must speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, promote the upgrading transformation.Sadie consultant vice president qinhailin thinkore separating line, china's industrial quality to bear the external impact, in the industrial enterprise internal must through the transformation in the reflects his international competitiveness, and can't always wander in the low development level, should pay attention to quality and innovation level.It also highlighted china's industrial especially it manufacturing foundry the pain.In the it industry, apple has just released results showed nearly $billions of cash have more reserves than the host country government cash reserves, china has become the largest and most of the apple industry chain of important manufacturing base, but at the same time, also is the most no voice of a group, because the huge manufacturing base of profit margins of less than 2%.In china as the world's largest manufacturing plant nearly 20 years, have been in the face of such problems, and how to downstream from industry chain of generation of labor model transformation to the industry chain upstream.To fight the upstream from the impact of the long chain, the only way out is a technology innovation and improve service.China dryers:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/dryer.Html sand washing plant:www.China-crusher.Com/sand-washer3.Html china magnetic separator:www.China-crusher.Com/magnetic-separator5.Html.

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