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How To Work Correctly Of Roller Bearing

Roller bearing should be cleaned before installation installation , we should use special tools to auxiliary evenly pressed into the bearing straight , and do not hand hammer percussion , specifically prohibiting direct hammer bearing when the bearing seat and seat hole with loose , shall repair housing bore or replacement of the bearing ,and do not use to play in the bearing surface or reluctant to use the method of the pad copper pitting rolling bearing equipment disassembly and assembly should use the appropriate pull out the bearing , do not use chisels , hammers and other percussion bearings.Bearing lubricationroller bearing lubricants are commonly used lubricants and grease when the bearer circumference speed is less than 4-5m/s , or automotive lubricating oil can not be used on the lubricating parts,general using grease lubrication grease lubricated has the advantage of simple seal structure,can't easy to drain grease , little affected by temperature , plus a grease can be used longer lubricating oil has the advantage of friction is small,heat output , mainly for high-speed and high ambient temperature of the roller bearings according to the requirements of automotive manual selection lubricating oil chooses grades, and then the timely replacement of vehicle maintenance cycle , releasing the old oil, cleaning of the body, adding newoil , fuel lines should be added to the prescribed standard , or flush with the fuel filler ( depending on vehicle specific structure requirements) , not more.Instruction manual of sand washing plant clearing the operation specification of various equipments in sand making production line is very necessary for the safe to human body and equipment application.Because it is a series of equipments instead of one sand making machine from starting the sand production line to its normal operation, the operation is a very rigorous work, so there must be a professional personnel to start it.Owning to the multi-equipment, hard work, high degree of difficulty, which requires the staff very well master the run and operation steps.We will introduce few operation specification and matters need attention in the operation, and the details are as follows: matters need attention when starting a sand making production line : after preparation, according to the provisions of the driving sequence operation to start the main motor, when starting the motor we shoul pay attention to the current meter of the control cabinet, after starting the peak current for 30-40s, the current will reduce to a normal operating current value.In the normal operation, we also should pay attention to current which should not be more than the specified value.After the normal operation of the jaw crusher, it can actuate the feeding machine, and according to the block size and the operating condition of the jaw crusher adjust the feeding machine belt and change the feed quantity.Usually, the material stacking height in the crushing cavity should not more than the 2 / 3 of crushing chamber, and the diameter of the materials should not be more than the 50%-60% of the inlet width, the jaw crusher has a highest production capacity at this condition.When the materials with larger piece, it will cause blockage affecting the normal production.To prevent metal ( such as the spade teeth, crawler plate, bits ) from entering the jaw crusher and avoid damaging the machine, it should be brought out when they pass through the jaw crusher to prevent causing accident; when the electrical equipment automatic trip, if the cause is unknown, forbid forced continuous starting.Raymond mill: http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_22.Htmlflotation cell: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/34.Html.

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