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Impact Crusher Impactor Crushing Machine

Today, squeezing every ton of efficiency out of the plant can make the difference.I would like to offer some thoughts on the selection of a primary impactors.An area that is getting more and more attention is the selection or upgrade of the primary crusher.This is certainly not to say that the impactor is the choice for everyone, but i believe that it is an underutilized tool today.As you look for more ways to improve overall product quality and increase the throughput potential of existing plants, as well as new plants, the impactor is worth consideration.The impact crusher , using the theory of mass and velocity, works to break the feed material along its natural fracture lines with a secondary breakage perpendicular to the first.The initial breakage occurs as the falling feed material is "impacted" (whacked) by the rotating bars of the rotor.The secondary breakage, the one most people associate with, follows as the material is then accelerated into the breaker plates or bars.Proper speed of the rotor together with entry level speed of the feed material must work together to provide initial breakage without unwanted and unnecessary rotor wear.Due to the severe action of the impact crusher in nigeria , reduction ratios of 10:1 to 20:1 can be achieved a jaw crusher, being a compression-type machine, reduces material by compression and fracture as gravity forces material through the chamber.With each revolution of the eccentric shaft, there is a squeezing (or crushing) of the material in the chamber.In the same revolution of the shaft, there is an opening of the chamber that allows material to drop further into the chamber.Each particle of rock is crushed 2 to 4 times as it passes through the chamber, assuming proper jaw dies and feed gradation.The reduction ratio (using the p80 factor) is approximately 6:1.Because an impactor combines high production, large input feed capability and high reduction ratios, the impactor is superior when compared to the performance of the jaw crusher.In addition, the impacting of material beneficiates by making a more cubical output as well as eliminating soft stone and impurities.As today's (and tomorrow's) market continues to demand higher efficiency and consistent quality, the benefits of the impactor may outweigh the jaw.Because of the larger reduction accomplished in the impact crushing plant , you not only make a higher percentage of 4-mesh minus than the jaw, but also a higher percentage of 1-in.Minus.This will help to lessen the load on the secondary crusher by 10-20 percent.It will allow you to use a smaller secondary crusher, further lowering your initial capital costs.A secondary crusher, obviously, creates more 4-mesh minus than a primary.To think of it very simply, the more times you touch a rock, the more fines that are created.So, by forcing the secondary to do 10-20 percent more work due to the compression primary, you will naturally add to the fines pile.Let's look at a comparison of fines now with the primary and secondary combined.

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