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Impact Crusher Promotes The Transition Of Cement Industry

Cement industry is the foundation of state development and construction, the cement quality directly affects every aspect of state construction.Overcapacity is the most serious problem that the cement industries are faced with, therefore, promoting management, and cutting down cost is the focus of cement enterprises.Meanwhile, more and more cement enterprises tend to pay attention to downstream---concrete industry.At present, cement enterprise tends to enthusiastically invest in downstream industries.Nowadays, with the sharp increase of cement sales, the demands to aggregates also soar.When faced with the serious condition of overcapacity, cement enterprise is also searching for new way out.So entering concrete and aggregate industry is the integration need of enterprise value chain.Dsmac takes the aggregate equipment a stepping-stone to success and is resolved to make great contributions to cement industry.As far as impact crusher is concerned, impact crusher is the required equipment for the production of aggregates; dsmac is one of the largest impact crusher manufacturers in domestic, and the pf series impact crusher made by dsmac has applied the patent products, and the impact crusher is used for secondary and tertiary crushing, and features the following advantages: 1.The advantages of wear-resistant parts: 15 years of research and production experience accumulation made dsmac the only high and new tech enterprise that produces both crushing equipment and wear-resistant materials.2.The advantages of capacity: the handing capacity of a single impact crusher is 2000t/h; dsmac is one of the largest impact crusher manufacturers.3.Crystal form of finished aggregates: the impact crusher crushes the block rubbles into polygon aggregates that meet customers' various expectations, is the best choice for tall buildings and large mansions, highway subgrade, and water conservancy.1.The current situation of cement industry cement is the basic raw material of national economy, and is closely related to economic construction; it will be the principal building materials of human society.Building industry, as the traditional industry, is the third energy consumption that next to metallurgy and chemical industry, therefore, the unit energy consumption of cement plays a significant role in the energy conservation of building industry.With the acceleration of the construction of new countryside and the rapid development of transportation industry, the quantity demand to cement soars dramatically.Under the support of national industrial policy, china's cement industry, which was once highly decentralized, is going to usher in restructuring and integration.2.The development trend of cement industry scale production and intensive management is to be the general trend of cement industry in china.It is estimated that the peak time of cement demand is around the year of 2020 when china has totally completed the construction of well-off society and has basically realized the industrialization, and the urbanization rate will be around 55%, definitely, the large-scale construction period of the whole modernization process.Considering the unbalancedness of economic development among the long-standing urban and rural disparity, the amount of cement consumption can reach 800-900 kilo per capita.The peak demand to cement will be up to 1.2 billion ton in line with 1.4 billion people in the year of 2020.The cement manufacturing processes mainly include 5steps: primary, secondary crushing; pre-grinding, raw material grinding; calcining; clinker crushing &grinding; cement grinding &conveying.Therefore, choosing practical and environmental cement production line is very essential and fundamental, dsmac (ding sheng machinery) manufacturers all kinds of crushing equipment such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, etc.Which feature high efficiency and productivity, energy conservation and environmental protection, and such like, dsmac will be your best choice for selecting cement production equipment!.

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