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Importance Of Magnetic Separation Systems In Food Industry

Assessment and removal of metal contaminants is a crucial practice in the food processing industry.Many companies make metal detection a critical quality control point requirement in their manufacturing processes, to ensure finished products meet quality standards.Metal pieces in food products pose a health risk to consumers and can also damage processing equipment's.Magnetic separation systems are used to remove ferrous metal from all stages of production in the food and drink industry.Sources of metal contamination include: raw materials containing metal contents if any contamination during the processes such as grinding, crushing etc.Using industrial machinery.Manual interference during manufacturing or before packaging.Magnetic separation systems used for removal of ferrous metal from food products are as follows: plate magnets or magnetic plates tube magnets or pipe line magnets magnetic drum separators magnetic separation systems normally, produce a magnetic field generating a force to magnetize the ferrous particles while the material is being processed.Large ferrous particles such as nuts / bolts etc.Can be managed using ceramic magnets.However, rare earth magnets are capable of removal of even very small particles of iron or iron oxides as well as rust particles etc.From food products.Magnetic separation systems are manufactured to the highest quality which are made up of permanent magnets of different strengths and magnetic material depending on the application.Plate magnets or magnetic plates magnetic plates are used to remove tramp iron from the moving material carried in chutes ducts, spouts or on conveyor belts, screens and feed trays during the production process.Magnetic plates are commonly installed either in the base of chutes and ducts or above conveyor belts with low to high volume product streams.Whether the material is plastic or paper pulp, food or fertilizer, oil seeds or grains the result is sure protection of processing machinery and iron free final products.Tube magnets for pipeline or pipeline magnets tube magnets are used for thorough removal of ferrous metals from materials in granular and powder form during transport through pipeline systems.These magnet systems are built into a housing, which is fitted with flanges so that, after mounting, they form a single unit with the pipeline system.Tube magnets provide versatility, suitable for use with either dry or wet materials and can be individually used for quality control purposes.Tube magnets can be used for powders such as ground spices etc.And liquids such as chocolate, juices, soups etc.Tube magnets are inbuilt with rare earth tube magnets which are effective in removing very fine ferrous particles locked particles and even strongly paramagnetic particles.Magnetic drum separators magnetic drum separator comprises a rotating drum which contains a stationery permanent magnet unit.The permanent magnetic drum assembly maintains uniform and everlasting magnetic field across the entire width of the drum, which is effective over little more than half the drum circumferences.Material to be treated is fed to the top of the drum; iron is attached to the magnet unit to the point where the magnetic field ends.The material is thrown from the drum by the centrifugal action imparted to it by its rotation.Magnetic drum separators are used to extract iron particles from dry free flowing materials or products such as grain, rice or sugar.There are two types of permanent magnetic drum separators: 1) magnetic drum separator - single drum type single drum magnetic separators are extensively used in all the processing industry for separation of iron contamination from minerals, chemicals, food, flour, plastics, grains, sand, cement, fertilizers, abrasives, glass, slag, ores, rock, refractory and many more types.2) magnetic drum separator - double drum type double drum magnetic separators are widely used for separation of iron contamination from minerals, chemicals, refractory and many other products.

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