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Importance Of Rotary Drum Dryer For Drying Agricultural Products

'drying' process is of paramount importance in different industries like agricultural, food, mining, and manufacturing.This process involves lowering water from product to an acceptable level for better storage, processing, and marketing.But this task surely needs a tremendous amount of energy, and for this, many dryers are used in the industrial and domestic sectors.The most commonly used state-of-the-art equipment are tray dryers, rotary drum dryers, tunnel dryers, vacuum dryers, fluidized bed dryers, flash dryers, belt dryers, spray dryers, and freeze dryers.Among them, the rotary dryers are the most commonly used due to their economic and straightforward design.They have made drying process easy due to their low thermal efficiency.It not only boosts the quality of dried products but also produces uniform dying.How drying help to cut cost? plenty of agro products constantly face physiological changes via respiration even after the harvesting is over.They usually possess a huge amount of moisture during harvesting stage.Such changes lead to quality issues like decomposition, loss of nutritional properties, change in the external appearance, thereby making handling, storage, and processing difficult.Rotary dryer minimizes the effect of these parameters that influence the quality of the product during distribution and storage.Since a lot of agricultural products are thermo-sensitive, their chemical, physical, properties along with color may change due to extra heat accumulation during drying.Thus temperature control during drying is vital to obtain the best quality dried product.Rotary drum dryers prevent decay of microorganisms that cause food rotting as they fail to live without water.Even a lot of enzymes which cause chemical changes in biodegradable materials and food can't live without water.Just note that when the reduced water content is below 5 %, it reduces the risk of adverse biological, chemical, and enzymatic processes.In fact, removal of moisture in increases shelf life and lower bulk density of agro products, thus minimizing transportation cost.Effect of moisture content on drying wood pellets usually have less moisture, but the wood chips have near about 60 percent moisture.Enhanced moisture levels have a significant effect on the combustion temperature.Besides this, it is also hard to maintain drying capacity and temperature.But the use of rotary drum dryer lowers combustion temperature fast, thus offering greater energy savings.Applications of rotary dryer in agro industry 'drying' is one of the most efficient ways to lower post-harvest losses in the agro-industry.This machinery is used mainly in pharmaceutical and chemical industry, but it is also used for drying large quantities of agro items like beet pulp, alfalfa, etc.These high-performance machines process different agro products with a vast number of flow and thermophysical properties.These dryers are used for drying of beans nuts, veggies, grains, herbs, animal feed, woody biomass, by-products, and agro waste.In rotary drum dryer , heat is transferred via convection by direct contact of hot gas with the damp solid material.It means that this complicated process involves simultaneous mass, heat, and momentum transfer.The raw materials are fed to the upper opening and are transported during mixing via cylinder.The drum allows gravity to move raw material via drum.As the drum spins, lifting flights grab the material and drop it via air stream to maximize the heat transfer efficiency.

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