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Improving The Engineering Level Of The Ball Mill

It is only economically sound to upgrade the ball mill and sag mills if the prices are paid back in two to three years, the machine capability grows by at least 20% to 30%, and also the machine are going to be used for a minimum of five years.The ball mill capability is augmented by growing its power and by mechanization and automation of auxiliary operations.The power is augmented by replacing the electrical motors, changing the design parameters of the mechanical transmission (pulley, sprocket, and gear wheel), putting in a special gearing (planetary) between the electrical motor and also the operating member.The rigidity and vibration resistance is inflated by putting in reinforcing ribs on the foremost loaded areas of the structure, changing the housing configuration, providing weld seams in keeping with the technology and deformation modes, substitution rubber and spring shock absorbers with hydraulic shock absorbers.Enhancing the life and enhancing the faultlessness of the equipment is ensured by increasing the damage resistance of crucial components, rising lubrication conditions, victimisation protecting devices for guide frames, reinforcement of weak parts (material replacement, heat treatment, modification of dimensions and shapes).To enhance the operational safety and facilitate servicing, the locking devices limiting risky zones, stops and limit switches, protecting devices and alarms, etc.Shall be put in as required.Obsolescence is due to emergence of the equipment of upper performance that makes the utilization of the superannuated equipment inexpedient.The obsolete equipment is replaced with the new one.An effective means that to eliminate the results of the devolution is the upgrade, i.E.Enhancements of the current equipment to enhance its performance criteria to the standards of the similar equipment of more contemporary.Upgrading the ball mill by putting in a proportioning feeder one of the possible ways of upgrading the ball mill is mechanizing the milled material charging.It reduces the extra operation time.It is recommended to put in a drum-type proportioning feeder onto the charging funnel.The feeder is going to be driven by the auger for feeding the product into the drum via a sequence transmission.The operation principle of the proportioning feeder is as follows: at the charging start stage no over thirty metric weight unit of fabric are poured into the mill, after which charging is performed by equal fifteen metric weight unit parts at ten to fifteen operation minutes interval.Suggestion: charging is carried out consistently, the mill capability g is a 100 kg/h.So at the beginning for the first 15 minutes of the mill wouldn't run in idle mode, it's recommended to pre-charge thirty kg of material.If required, you may also look for hoist for sale.

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