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In Cement Production Line Mixed Broken Exert Its Role

As is known to all, production of main raw material is limestone cement.In the most ordinary staple stones, use the equipment is mainly a counterattack crusher.Refers to the cement production process two materials according to certain proportion into a counterattack crusher for broken production process.Common mixed broken with mud limestone, a limestone with limestone and clay shale and limestone.Mixed broken succeed, can reduce or exempt the dissection, elongate-shaped limestone ore resources more fully.Two kinds of raw material processing reduced together a set of processing system construction and operating expenses, cement mixed crushing process to ensure the grain-size meet the requirements of the grinding, prevent crusher cavity jams, ensure the smooth operation of the system.Therefore, the whole system from bunker up will be special design, including the shape, structure, the broken silo before group, the mud inside and funnel chop special treatment and chute, etc.The rotor is crusher 'heart', and is also the most restrictive impact breaker acceptance of parts, which in the work plays a vital role.So the company developed and produced structure solid heavy rotor to obtain higher rotation inertia.High wear-resisting material and the best crushing cavity, making the performance of the crusher epic.By hydraulic impact breaker crushing technology bring the mixture in the process of advantage: broken by wet limestone broken material feeding package, dust reduce, formation of crushed stone and wet earth asphalt-measuring viscosity decrease, liquidity increases, reducing valve with the congestion, with belt conveyor in transport and stacking prehomogenization in the performance of stocks and rake take.Hydraulic impact breaker is very suitable for crushing various soft and hard ore in, crushing, crushing, finely assignments, slag, gangue, coal ash of materials, such as cooperate mandibles crusher, impact crusher etc processing, can replace limestone, produce cement.A sticky soil high aluminium material and industrial waste residue (such as slag, fly ash, coal gangue) as main raw materials, add 5% of special additives, sintering temperature just 700 degrees celsius, the energy consumption only ordinary cement 1/2 geological polymer cement new technology, this kind of cement don't need limestone, fuel consumption is small, can reduce 50% coal burning, so dust and gas, and reduce the amount of waste materials, the cement is 50% la discount strength label is ordinary cement 2 ~ 3 times, such as used in building roads just half the thickness.In this year of cement building roads, can save considerable funds.No crack is the cement another big characteristics.Because no gesso, in fire not blowout, can be used.

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