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Increase In Demand For Fly Ash Brick Making Machines

The demand for fly ash brick making machine has seen an upsurge in the past few years primarily due to the increase in the popularity of fly ash bricks especially in the construction sector.While the shortage of conventional bricks resulted in fly ash bricks making inroads into the market, it was the quality and assurance that these bricks provided that ensured that they keep on steadily increasing their demand over a period of time.What are fly ash bricks? the basic components of fly ash bricks are fly ash, sand, gypsum and lime.These are all put into the brick making machine where they are mixed, moulded and stored for 3 days.They are then transferred to the yard for curing with water for about 15 to 20 days after which they are sorted and dispatched.Components of the fly ash brick maker mostly used in the construction industry these fly ash brick making machine are available in the two versions--regular which are manually operated and hydraulic which is automatic.The hydraulic version of this fly ash brick maker is more popular due to its ability to give higher output with minimum use of power and labor making it an economically viable proposition.Typically the hydraulic version is made up of the following components.(1) motorized pan mixer with gear box: this consists of heavy duty rollers driven by a worm reduction gear box which help in efficiently grinding the raw materials.(2) belt conveyer: this conveyor belt is generally made up of rubber with a coating of nylon and is used to transfer huge amounts of raw materials (3) power pack motor and control panel: fitted with moulds of different sizes, this power pack hydraulic motor actually increases productivity while reducing power loads at the same time.It is also equipped with a water cooling system thereby ensuring longer hours of operation (4) pallot trolley: the trolley used for the transportation of finished bricks to the stockyard is hydraulically operated thereby reducing the use of manpower.This trolley is also capable of transporting a huge number of bricks without breaking or cracking.Workings of a fly ash brick maker: typically this machine works by mixing the raw materials used for making fly ash bricks in a pan mixer by the addition of adequate amount of water.This mixture is then transported to the hydraulic or mechanical presses to be moulded as per the requirements of the customer.It is also here that the company design or logo is embossed on the bricks as per the specifications of the client.These moulded bricks are then manually transferred onto wooden pellets and stored in a covered area for a minimum of 3 days to allow it to set followed by water curing which is done outside in the yard.Because of the strength, durability and neat finish of fly ash bricks, more and more construction companies now prefer to use these bricks thereby effectively increasing the demands for fly ash brick making machine.Typically these machines are capable of manufacturing a number of bricks at the same time and also give fly ash bricks extra strength by holding the pressure at specific times.

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