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Independent Research And Development To Develop Domestic And International Markets

In recent years, with rising international prices of precious metals at home and abroad is the prosperity of the mining industry.So no matter the domestic machinery and equipment companies or foreign machinery and equipment companies have launched a crusher,flotation separator milling machines and other equipment.However, due to various technical support,flotation separator a lot of machinery and equipment companies and had to product quality, but off to lose market downtime.But in the fierce market competition,artificial sand maker climbers heavy industries is still rise, which rely on the enterprise's strong scientific research strength.In the recent 20 years, in view of the pendulum jaw crusher movement of four connecting rod mechanism on design theory has a lot of progress。 for example: the crushing cavity two-way rodent angle, short cubits board angular, reduce the transmission angle and eccentricity, foreign companies provide products already often use these validated advanced design theory to improve product performance and reliability in use。 our domestic manufacturers for a variety of reasons the advanced design theory little, its main products are almost before the 1970 s finalize the design product, is wear-resistant materials, (such as high manganese steel) and important fittings (such as spherical roller bearing), and other domestic foundation piece, the service life is lower than the international advanced level of the same kind product。 in addition, the main processing and assembling for years to come also is little change, such as bearing hole, of the bearing assembly process and frame of the processing of the processing and assembly, etc。 henan hongxing technology development special attention to the innovation of the company's products, even if it is a little inconvenience will use the enterprise to get their attention and become the good ideas to optimize the mechanical properties.For example,artificial sand maker in the application of the jaw crusher, because the input ore material is too hard a result of machine jams, not only damaged the machine will affect the cost of business because of the need to lay-off waiting for the repair machinery.Artificial sand maker heavy climbers and technical personnel are aware of this, the development of a safety device, set of safety device similar to the electrical fuse will blow the face of danger, when it encountered relatively hard material will fracture leaving the machine downtime.In order to avoid damage to the machine, the worker had only to replace the safety device can quickly resume production.Artificial sand makerit is precisely because the set of machinery and equipment in henan hongxing particular technological and humane, so it is welcomed by the majority of the use of corporate and even foreign ore processing enterprises have been to the corporate order.More recently,mobile crusher a number of complete sets of machinery and equipment shipped to saudi arabia has been sent successfully.I believe with the development and growth of henan hongxing, domestic and international re-shuffling of complete sets of machinery and equipment company, red star will be occupied in the international market crusher a large share.

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