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Industrial Textile Dryer A Critically Important Element Of The Fabric Unit

By drying, we mean removing water and moisture from the fabric.In a typical textile finishing unit, dryers are used for drying the woven or knot fabrics or dyed yarn.Though the aim is to remove the moisture, every yarn and fabric required a different type of drying.Based on the texture and thickness of the fabric, the time and energy required to evaporate the liquid from the fabric are different.While buying industrial textile drying machine, you need to be very much careful about the requirement specs and operating procedures.While choosing industrial textile dryer, look at the number of chambers and burners in the machine.Also, check the working principle.Working mechanism of industrial textile drying machine industrial dryers have two chambers.Two conveyers are placed lengthwise in the chamber, and each chamber has a burner to supply hot air.A ducting line and suction fan guide the hot air to the specific chamber.Nozzles are placed between the filter and conveyer net.Hot air is supplied to the wet fabric through these nozzles.Exhaust fans take out the steam and vapors from the chamber.The speed of dryer and vibration depend on the gsm of the fabric.The more is the gsm, the higher are vibration and speed.Standard operating parameters well, the operating procedures vary from machine to machine, here are some standard parameters.Temperature is set between 1200 to 1300 degrees celsius for white fabrics and 1500-1700 degrees celsius for colors.The speed of industrial textile dryer is kept as maximum as possible.It depends on the make, type, and model of the machine.There is a steam control switch in the industrial textile drying machine to regulate the amount of steam entering the chamber.It needs to be set according to the type of fabric.A few tips to get the best out of industrial textile dryer though industrial textile drying machine is capable of handling heavy loads and they are flexible enough to serve a wide variety of fabrics, operators need to follow a few precautions to get the best output.When the fabric becomes more red or blue than normal, the temperature should be reduced.When it appears more yellow than normal, then it is the time to increase the temperature.These are all standard practices that are followed by industrial textile dryer operators.They keep a close eye on the product delivery and alter temperature accordingly.

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