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Intellectual Property Evasion Is Unreliable For Crusher Export

Many years of export experience of hongxing machinery proves that it is better to grasp core technology and innovative technology rather than evasion it because this technology is the most reliable foundation for the development of an enterprise and also the power the crushing machines need to go out.For example, our country buys out the technological intellectual property of high-speed rail of germany, but the carrier of the question of technology is not just a contract, because even though you purchased their intellectual property, how to digest the high-tech innovative technology behind it is the most fundamental problem, for this reason, technique still needs to focus on people, and building powerful innovative talent team is the correct way to make sure that you possess your own property, so that henan hongxing mining machinery co., ltd does not think that money can buy technology and nor can it be evaded.The traditional practice for companies that manufacturing crushing and grinding equipment and sand producing products and ore dressing machines in china is counterfeit, and only make modifications to the appearance or the structure, but many spare parts of the inside of the machine itself are purchased form other countries.However, as one of the stages of the development process of the engineering machinery companies in st1:country-region w:st="on" china, we can understand it.But this process must be unsustainable, and if an enterprise keeps developing in this way, then it will be difficult for the crushing machinery manufacturing companies in our country to keep their foot still in foreign market.On the other hand, now many crushing machine manufacturing companies in our country are constantly merging the engineering machinery tycoon in foreign countries, by which way to narrow the technological gap.However, hongxing machinery thinks that if an enterprise cannot digest the advanced technology of foreign countries and transform it to his own ore competence and attempt to increase technological power only by merging just not unpractical.After the merging, the two companies will still operate independently with their technical power, then the merged company will still stand out in the high-end market, and the merging company will still do business in the medium and low-end market, and this action cannot really enhance the power.In this way, they are just sending capital to foreign companies and buying their market.The real power of a mining machinery manufacturing companies such as producing sand maker and professional hammer crusher represents in the core technology accumulating in its development process.Stone production line:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/n26.Html cement making plant:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/n27.Html.

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