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Introducing The Fabulous Frambled Egg

It's sunday morning and your tummy is rumbling.You already know that you are craving a traditional, egg-cellent breakfast.But now you are faced with that impossible choice of having to decide between fried or scrambled eggs.Both options have their benefits.For starters, fried eggs are known for being the ultimate hangover cure, so if you had a raging party the night before, they might be your best bet.However, there's something so very comforting and satisfying about scrambled eggs, especially in the morning.So how do you possibly decide? we have great news for you - you don't have to.Introducing the egg-citing frambled egg - an amazing egg recipe that allows you to indulge in the best of both.The best part of it is that it's so simple to make! all that you will need is a non-stick pan, a few eggs, some butter, bread for toasting, and your favourite savoury seasoning for a sensational burst of flavour.One of the great things about frambled eggs is the fact that you can really make them your own.Leave them plain, or opt to throw in a few tasty additions such as some peppers, spicy meats (chorizo and ham work well), or even some delicious, wilty greens for a healthy touch.The real question is: how does one actually go about making frambled eggs? below is your easy step by step guide to perfecting this unique and exciting recipe: start by melting a bit of butter, or adding some olive oil, in a non-stick pan over a medium heat.Once the butter has melted, or once the oil is nice and hot, crack in your eggs one at a time (as many as you see fit).Using a spatula, gently break the yolks and allow them to merge with the egg whites.Add your extras of choice now (some chopped up cherry tomatoes will add both colour and fresh flavour).Don't be afraid to get creative! while the egg whites and the yolks are still soft, stir gently using the spatula.Continue for about three minutes until the yolks have set.Sprinkle with your favourite savoury seasoning and serve on a piece of buttered toast.Delicious! 1 so what are you waiting for? shake up your eggs today with this wonderful recipe.One thing is for sure - your breakfast table will never be the same again! sources1 http://www.Epicurious.Com/expert-advice/fry-scramble-eggs-in-pan-article.

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