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Introduction The Theory Of Flotation Separating Process

Introduction the theory of flotation separating process flotation is the most important one of the mineral processing.90% of the nonferrous metal are using the flotation method of processing.Rotary dryers flotation method also widely used in rare metals, precious metals, ferrous metal,sand washing plant and nonmetal mineral raw materials such as coal and choose don't.In recent years, domestic and foreign also using the flotation method for the water purification, sewage treatment, etc.Sand washing plant visible flotation method is the application scope of quite extensive.Compared with other mineral processing,mobile crusher using the flotation method selected don't fine grained ores dip, the effect is better and more reasonable in economy.Flotation method is often used to choose don't thick bead or uneven thickness of fine grained ores disseminated part.To this, the 2012 domestic mining machinery manufacturing industry the development of the market, the hongxing mining machinery also have some of their views.In fact, in recent years china's mining machinery manufacturing momentum of development is very strong, but the prominent problems in technology and strategy is always walk along the old, not radically change for development ideas, and the current mining machinery manufacturing especially at dressing crushing and screening branch line of business, mining machinery enterprise to provide users with complete service to the enterprises, into line,china jaw crusher few to provide a full range of solutions or take on more complex engineering contracting project ability.In the face of the competition of the international market momentum in overrun, therefore in the international market and technology international, international investment aspects should be greatly strengthened, and the more open to international vision, flexible operation form, using every can use of domestic and industrial resources, get win-win situation, in order to realize the mining machinery manufacturing technology upgrading innovation objective way should actively promote and implement.Belt conveyorflotation and other mineral processing methods, to do choose the material preparation before don't,mineral impact crusher namely the mineral to after grinding grade, suitable for the concentration of the flotation to fineness.In addition, the flotation and the following basic work: mineral impact crusherfont-size: 10pt">the pulp and adjustment of flotation reagents to join in its purpose is to make the nature of the mineral surface difference, to change the mineral surface wettability, adjust the selectivity of mineral surface,mineral impact crusher make some mineral particles can be attached to gas filled, and some is not attached to the bubble.Stir with and caused a lot of bubbles by mixing effect of the air flotation machine, led to confusion in the pulp and air bubbles form massive, or to dissolve in the air to create the pulp full exhalation.Bubble mineralization mineral grains to adhere to the bubble selective, and this is one of the most basic process flotation behavior.Mobile crushing station:www.China-crusher.Com/movable-crushing-station.Htmlmobile crushing station:www.China-crusher.Com/movable-crushing-station.Htmlmobile crushing station:www.China-crusher.Com/movable-crushing-station.Html.

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