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Introductions Of Mill Electric Control Cabinet

The mill electrical control parts are assembled in the electrical control cabinet, centralized control 1.Mill host motor connected as a delta connection starting the fan motor connected as a star - delta starter, adjust the time relay (iks klingelnberg, 2ks) can change the conversion time, analyze machine manual motor broken mechanical and electrical machines and enhance motor connected as be started directly.Motor in accordance with label wiring diagram, so as not to damage the motor.2, users must analyze the electromagnetic speed motor controller atg installed according to the position shown in the control counter board, received the governor control cabinet panel inside of seven vacant wire electrical schematics and manufacturer of the product manual atg of the controller plug.Analysis machine is running when you first start to move the motor m3, and then adjust the knob on the atg machine to achieve the required speed of analysis (i.E., to achieve the required fineness).Atg on the knob to the minimum position before shutdown.The original trainer of the atg, installation and highly detailed in the product manual.3, the user shall electromagnetic vibration machine controller ay icon position mounted on the counter of the control board controller on hand wiring, can be used on hand insert the controller socket.Scr single-phase rectifier power supply to the electromagnetic vibration machine, adjust the av on the knob to adjust the output current, thereby changing the amplitude of thechange the feed speed.The electromagnetic vibrating feeder prior to loosen the vibrator rugged leaf spring with the top bolt.Power, first connect the switch on the controller ay, and then adjust the knob, on the ay electromagnetic vibrating feeder, the feeding speed meet the needs of users.The principle of electromagnetic vibrating feeder, installation and debugging of the ocean to see the product manual.4, the control counter-board main switch s to control the electromagnetic vibrating feeder automatic and manual feed conversion.S in the "auto" position, the automatic control principle: when the machine abrasive excessive host current rise, action by the current transformer current relay k, k, normally open contacts connected to the relay 6k, 6k pull its normally closed to the point (1,3) cut off the ay power, electromagnetic vibrating feeder stopped working.Machine abrasive to reduce the milling machine at current decline, the current relay k reset 6k power failure, the normally closed point (1,3) closed, so that the feeder back to work."auto" position control of the feeding, the feeding materials finished product highest yield, the user's actual operation depending on the specific materials to make their own determination.Secondary cone crusher : http://www.Mine-crusher.Com/conecrusher.Htmraymond mill : http://www.Mine-crusher.Com.

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