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Iron Ore Beneficiation Technology And Equipment

Brief introduction: because of the large amount of lean ore (accounting for 97.5% of the total reserves) and comprehensive ore which associated with other components (accounting for one-third of the total reserves) in our country, most of the iron ore needs dressing process before smelting.In 1996, the selected iron ore was 214.97 million tons which accounts for 85.2% of the amount of undressed ore production of 252.28 million tons.Next, experts from henan hongxing mining machinery co., ltd will give a detailed introduction to its beneficiation technology and equipment used in this process.1.Rock crushing: the dressing plants in our country generally use such three sections of crushing process as coarse, medium and fine breaking to crush it.For the coarse crushing, 1.2m or 1.5m spinning back crusher is used; 2.1 m or 2.2 m standard cone breaker for medium breaking, and 2.1 m or 2.2 m short-headed type cone crusher for fine crushing.The ore after coarse breaking has below 1m of lumpiness, and then through medium and fine grinding, it will be screened for finished products with granularity less than 12mm and then transported to the grinding slots.2.Rock grinding: most of the grinding technology in our country uses two paragraphs process and for small and medium-sized concentrator, they use one stage process.3.Ore beneficiation technology: (1) magnetite dressing technology it is mainly used for dressing magnetite with low taste.Because the rocks have a strong magnetism and easy to grinding, most of the magnetic ore-dressing plants adopt one stage and many stages process for its crushing and grinding.Later, our country independently researched and developed eternal magnetization technology for the magnetic separator.After the 1960s, the new technology of fine screening and grinding again makes the concentrate grade improve to about 66% from 62%, thus realizing the requirement by the ministry of metallurgical industry that the concentrate grade has to be improved to 65%.(2) multi-metal associated ore beneficiation: this kind of rocks have complicated component and diversified types, so that the methods, equipment and production process are different.For example, in panzhihua, plants there gained about 53% ferrovanadium concentrate through magnetic separation, and the gangue is disposed through light porcelain scavenging, double beneficiation, flotation and drying electricity selection and in the end, titanium and cobalt concentrate are gained.Hongxing machinery is a professional manufacturer of ore beneficiation machines and rotary kiln equipment and we have been granted to be the famous and excellent products manufacturer.Our mining equipment is sold to places all over the country and other countries and has been well received with its superior quality, most competitive prices and our professional and favorable services.Cone crusher:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/4.Htmlore beneficiation:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/n28.Html.

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