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Due to having a lot of lean ore (accounts for 97.5% of the total reserves) and with (co) other components of comprehensive ore (accounts for 1 / 3 of the total reserves) iron ore, so the majority of ore needs to be concentrated before smelting.During 1996, 214970000t of iron ore was chosen in the whole nation, accounting for 85.2% of 252,280,000t of the domestic iron ore.85,857,000t of iron ore powder was produced out of the selected iron ore, among them 109,610,000t was processed in the key concentrators, 41,580,000t of iron concentrated powder was produced, accounting for 48.4% of the national production of iron ore powder.1) ore crushingconcentrators generally use coarse crushed, middle broken and fine broken; these three stages of crushing process are used to break ore.Coarse broken process usually use gyratory crusher by 1.2m or 1.5m, broken process usually use standard cone-type rock breaking machine by 2.1m or 2.2m, fine broken process use short head cone crusher by 2.1m or 2.2m.Through the rough crushing ore, the block size is no more than 1m, then after the broken and fine broken process, the size of sieving ore stone will be made less than 12mm as finished product and delivered to the grinding groove.Iron ore crusher2)grinding processiron ore grinding process mostly adopts the two-stage grinding process; small and medium-sized concentrators usually use one-stage grinding process.Due to the adoption of fine screening-regrinding technology, a number of mineral processing plants have changed the two stages of grinding into three stages of grinding in recent years.The grinding equipment is generally small; the largest ball mill is by 3.6m x 6m, maximum rod mill by 3.2m x 4.5m, the largest self-grinding mill by 5.5m * 1.8m, and pebble mil by 2.7m * 3.6m.Spiral classifier is basically used for grading after grinding.In order to improve the efficiency of ore dressing plant, part of the concentrators uses hydrocyclone to replace the second time spiral classifier.3)processing technologymagnetite mineral processingmagnetite mineral processing is mainly used for the separation of low grade "anshan type" magnetite.Because the ore's magnetism is strong, easily grinded and selected, domestic magnetic separation plant uses the stage and multi-stage grinding process.For the magnetite of coarse block cloth using the former (one-stage grinding).Fine grained, fine-disseminated magnetite uses the latter (two or three-stage grinding).Our country has developed its own series of permanent magnetization; make the magnetic separation machine to achieve a permanent magnetization.After the 70′s, because the nationwide concentrators promote the fine screening-regrinding technology, so that the grade of concentration has been increased from 62% to 66%, realizing the requirements of reaching 65% for the concentration grade put forward by the metallurgical industry ministry4)sintering and pelletizing technologysintering technology is the main means of making man-made rich ore in our country.A total of 160,956,000t of man-made rich ore was produced in 1996, among them 94,859,000t ore was produced by key enterprises, which accounted for 58.9%, 61,337,000t was produced by local state-owned enterprises, accounting for 38.1%.The fine concentrate sintering technology of our country has reached a considerable level.Anshan iron and steel company has successfully changed the production method of acid sinter to that of the alkaline sinter in the early 50′s, it was the first one in the world to use lime or quicklime as flux to solve the problem of fine ore sintering.The level of sintering and pelletizing equipment is also raised, there are a total of 419 sintering machines, that takes a total area of 15,522 m2, including 22 machines that are of more than 130 m2 area each , the total area is of 4,107 m2, 197 machines sintering machine of 24~129 m2 each, with a total area of 9,387 m2, 200 sintering machines that are less than 24 m2 each, with a total area of 2,028 m2.In february 24, 1994, 300 m2 of sintering machines were put into production in ma an shan iron & steel plant, it is the largest modern sintering machine that we have designed, manufactured and constructed in our country besides bao steelthe main technical and economic indexes of the sintering of our country in 1995 is: the using coefficient is 1.36t/(m2•h),the sinter grade is of 53.00%,the sintering machine's calendar operating rate is of 80.94%,the sinter qualified rate is 84.92%, labor productivity is 2170t / ( h, a ).Iron ore beneficiation plant.

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