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Is It Safe To Use Biomass Briquettes Instead Of Coal

The concept of recycling waste is now a day's popular trend.Recycling of waste is good process because it saves the environment.After independence there is constant increase of number of industries no doubt it is good but along with that pollution also increase so to stop pollution biomass briquettes are the best alternative.Briquettes are made from industrial, forestry and agriculture waste.All the divested material collected and compressed under high pressure without adding any binder so it is known as binder less technology to make briquettes.There is thousand tons of waste material release and we burn that but it cause pollution so instead of burning loose biomass use biomass briquette plant to make in shape like cylindrical.Biomass briquettes are ready replacement of lignite, coal, wood in industrial boiler and brick kiln for thermal application to generate heat.Biomass briquettes are non predictable source of energy, eco-friendly, renewable in nature, non polluting and economical.Use of biomass briquettes is increasing day by day and has very demand-able market due to its fuel cost saving and pollution free uniqueness.Briquetting machine manufacturer in india helps convert wastage into generating electricity which aid farmers to earn.But unlike fossil fuels, biomass takes up carbon dioxide from the ambiance during the whole process thus being environment friendly.So biomass is totally eco-pleasant and also reduces the discharge of carbon emissions.Biomass briquetting machine can handle larger element with wide range of moisture content without additional binders, not the pellet mills.Briquettes made with binders are usually pressed at low pressure.When briquettes are made without binders, however, the success of the process depends upon crushing or plastically deforming the particles to bring them closely together.It is not surprising that many crystalline organic components can be briquetted with pressure alone.The forces that bind these crystals together are neither strong nor specific, so it is necessary only to squeeze the individual crystals into close contact.There are many advantages of using biomass briquettes: benefits of biomass briquettes and fuel briquette machines storage and handling buying price of biomass briquettes is much cheaper than those of propane, fuel oil and natural gas.Briquettes burn in a controlled and environment friendly manner, as well as slow and efficiently.So we can conclude from the above discussion that briquettes are eco-friendly and most preferable source of renewable energy then black coal and totally safe then black coal.

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