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Jaw Crusher Operation And Maintenance Of The Installation

Jaw crusher operation correct operation is to ensure continuous work crushing machine for one of the most important factor improper operation or negligence in the operation ,which often resulting in a major accident equipment and personal reasons correct operation is strictly in accordance with operating procedures.Preparatory work before the start: before starting crusher in operation , we must conduct a comprehensive crusher examined carefully , including : the board crusher tooth wear , adjusted adjusted the row of ore mouth size ; check whether the ore crushing cavity ,once we find a chunk of ore and remove it;whether screw loose connection; to protect the pulley flywheel housing is whether intact ; belt and the tightness of the spring rod is whether appropriate ; lubrication system is whether intact ; electrical equipment and signal system is whether normal and so on.Jaw crusher handling precautions 1.After starting crusher in operation, once the crusher makes an unusual percussion sound, we should stop moving forward ,identifying and eliminating defects , restart.2.Jaw crusher must be no-load to start.When the crusher is operating normally and then open to the mining equipmentswe should add the ore mine to equipment gradually until full up.3.Jaw crusher should be given mine well-proportioned, ore can't packed with crushing cavity ; to the maximum size don't allow to exceed mine to the mine mouth width of 0.85 times; the same time when the crusher gives mine ,we should avoid the mine ore iron and the iron abundance of non- crushing material into crusher; once we find non-crushing material through the port of discharge ,we shall immediately notify the belt transport staffs take measures in time, so as not to causing serious equipment accidents when mine will go into the next crusher.In operation ,we should be taken check regularly by seeing, hearing, touch and other methods to observe the status of the crushing machine parts and bearing temperature bearing temperature can not exceed 60 oc,once the bearing temperature is too high ,we don't stop it working immediately we should take measures : increasing oil , forcing ventilation and water,etc.Until the bearing temperature drop ,first interrupting operation of jaw crusher,we began inspection and troubleshooting.

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