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Joyal Trapezium Grinding Mill

Trapezium grinding mill is mainly consists of main frame, speed reducer, powder concentrator, induced draught fan, dust collector, piping device, integrator, and motor, etc.The whole grinding mill line include jaw crusher, bucket elevator, mill deceleration machine, vibraing feeder, main frame, blower, powder concentrator, powder collecting system, piping device,and bag deduster.Features 1.Adopt the new wear-resistant materials to improve efficiency.2.The roller and ring are designed in inverted trapezium.Working principle the operation principle of main unit of trapezium mill is that main unit runs with the central shaft that is driven by a gear box.The top of the shaft is connected with a quincunx stand on which a grinding roller is installed to form a swing support.The grinding roller not only rotates around the central axle and grinding ring but also rotates around its own axle due to the friction.There is a pallet knife system at bottem of quincunx stand.The pallet knife system is under the grinding roller.With co-rotation of pallet knife and grinding roller, pallet knife will lift the materials into the space between roller and ring to to form a material layer.The materials will be grinded due to the centrifugal force of roller and thus finally achieve the aim of making powder.Technical data itemmodel tgm100 tgm130 tgm160 roller piece 4 5 6 roller diameter×height(mm) Ф320×200 Ф410×240 Ф440×270 ring inner diameter×height(mm) Ф980×200 Ф1280×240 Ф1600×270 speed of main frame (r/min) 130 103 82 max.Input size (mm) <25 <30 <35 product size (mm) 1.6~0.045 fineness can reach to 0.038 1.6~0.045 fineness can reach to 0.038 1.6~0.045 fineness can reach to 0.038 capacity (t/h) 3~8 6~15 9~22 overall dimension (mm) 9910×5365×8310 7910×7000×9645 12550×5700×8355 weight (t) 16 26.1 35.

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