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Keep Your Tractor In Good Shape With These Tractor Maintenance Tasks

For a farm owner, a tractor is one of the most important equipments without which even running the farm would be difficult.Regardless of the make and model of tractor, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it in good shape.Here are a few tips to maintaining the tractor.Knowing these can make your work easier and faster.Thorough inspection go through the owner's manual, or consult your tractor dealer india to get a clear understanding of service and maintenance information related to your tractor's model.Those who do not have a maintenance manual can check the information online.Next, carry out thorough inspection of your machine to find out missing or worn out nuts, bolts, clamps, and screws.Make sure that the hoses do not have any leaks or loose connections, and the belts are in good shape.If required, tighten any loose connections since they can cause damage to other tractor components.Ensure that the attachments are well-connected.Check the level of fluid in the hydraulic system, battery, radiator, and transmission.Check oil and fluids checking the oil and transmission fluid is necessary to keep the tractor in tip-top shape.The frequency of inspection depends on the use of the tractor.More the number of hours of use, more frequently should the inspection be carried out.It is advisable to check the oil and fluids daily if the tractor is operated 10 to 15 hours a day.However, if the machine is used for one or two hours a day, checking the fluid once a week would suffice.If the oil is dirty, it can have a negative impact on tractor performance, which is why it is important to change the tractor oil at regular intervals.The frequency of change of oil again depends on the use of tractor.Battery good battery performance is necessary to keep the tractor running without any problem.Inspect the electrical connections to the battery to ascertain that they are tight.A common problem that can affect battery performance is corrosion buildup on the battery cables.It can even make your battery dead.Keep your tractor battery clean and check the level of fluid in each cell.Wheel and tires regardless of the type of tractor tires, proper maintenance is necessary to improve tractor performance and increase its fuel efficiency.Assess the wheel bearings at regular intervals to find out any signs of wear and tear.Inspect the tires to check for any signs of cracking and dry rot.Make sure to maintain the tire pressure at the right level.The factors that influence the inflation level include the type of job to be done, the load of attachments (if any), and the work surface.Hydraulics if the tractor is fitted with hydraulics, make sure to check the pressure at regular intervals.Check for any signs of moisture and since the oil isn't able to perform after certain hours of use, ensure to change the hydraulic fluid and oil after a particular time.Belts and seals inspect the belts to find out any signs of cracks, damage, and rot.In addition to this, examine the seals and make sure that there are no fluid leaks which are a sign of damage or wearing.It is advisable to replace the belts and seals when the need for the same is realized.Delay in replacement can lead to unpleasant consequences.Lubrication although visible, there can be missing grease zerks, hence it is viable to consult owner's manual to avoid missing zerks.Grease zerks are equipped with a spring-loaded ball that compresses with the application of pressure with a grease gun, which further allows the grease to flow through.The ball returns to its original position after the pressure is released.This prevents the grease from escaping, and hinders the dirt from entering.The biggest mistake that can be made when it comes to maintenance is not doing it.Make sure to consult your dealer to get suggestion on tractor maintenance schedules and operate your machine within its capacity.Indo farm equipment limited is one of the leading tractor dealers india, employing best in class technology to create world-class tractors that are well-suited for farm use and transportation.From models that give you the choice of having dry or oil immersed brakes, to the engines of utmost power, the company offers a wide range of tractors to suit your needs.

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