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Kinematics Emulate Of Compound Pendulum Jaw Crusher

The first complete the digital prototype design solidworks, 3 d assembly model of crusher for reasonable simplified, keep the machine to work part device.Based on the kinematics simulation on the cosmos motion, based on the seamless integration interface cosmos motion to solidworks 3 d assembly model for automatic conversion, set up the kinematics simulation model.In the cosmos motion application environment, exert constraints on assembly model.Cubits board seat and housings defined as fixed constraint, move the jaw and eccentric shaft and cubits board and cubits between set to rotate between lining board constraint, and other components constraints as shown in figure 2.Add a driving force of the mechanism,concentrator table price choose to take wheel to active parts, define properties: belt wheel is part 1, elbow board building for 2 parts, constraint type is rotating vice, around the z axis rotation, sports type for speed, eccentric shaft speed n = 275 r/min.With reference to domestic pendulum jaw crusher performance parameters, choose corresponding motor model jo3-160 m, the power rating 15 kw, speed l 000 r/rain.In intelli motion the constraints of the browser page, eccentric shaft and move to the rotation of the jaw that form a pair of attribute definition, choose the outer surface of the partiality axis and dynamic jaw is a pair of the inner surface of the bearing surface, at the same time for cubits board pads and move between the jaw bound do fea definition, as another group bearing surfaces to conform with the actual working condition, to move the jaw surface add load (broken reaction force), they can finish at the same time the real conditions for all parts movement mechanism kinematic properties (position, speed and acceleration) and dynamic performance (contact reaction, the inertial force and power requirements) complete the calculation of quantitative information.Vibrating screen, raymond mill,raymond mill,raymond mill and other machines are the main ore dressing equipment on the market.Vibrating screen and other machines are the stone crushing equipment, the last set simulation parameters, duration of 1 s, frame number for 50.In intellimotion.Environmental complete motion simulation, obtained the simulation results (vs).The driven jaw's horizontal displacement simulation results can see out the level of the jaw trip is bigger, like this is advantageous to the broken material.Move along the track the movement direction of the jaw to promote the discharging function, so in a certain extent could guarantee the crusher production efficiency.The vertical displacement simulation results driven jaw also can see the vertical stroke is bigger,clinker rotary kiln,clinker rotary kiln and other machines are the sand making equipment, leading to the liner wear faster, reduce the service life of the lining board, the pendulum jaw crusher are used for small and medium type.But as wear-resisting material development, improve the wear resistance of lining board, this model is also gradually to the large-scale development direction.Move jaw acceleration x, y direction curve shows that move jaw in x, y direction of the acceleration on a periodic variation.X, y and direction of the acceleration not synchronous, x direction of the acceleration than l, the direction lag 180.Or so, so that in the whole cycle, the frame will get bigger impact, and cause the machines and basic components vibration, make partiality axis return not even, affect the strength of the component agencies, reduce the reliability of the machine, shorten the machine service life hot products:raymond mill:www.China-crusher.Com/raymond-mill2.Html.

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