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Kitchen Tools And Gadgets For The Perfect Eggs

When it comes to egg recipes and the many delicious ways in which to prepare them, we strive to churn out perfectly cooked eggs.No one enjoys an undercooked, overcooked or charred egg, which is why there are numerous kitchen tools and gadgets that will assist the most novice of chefs in preparing the perfect eggs.Poached, scrambled, fried or baked - whichever way in which you enjoy your eggs, be sure to simplify your cooking tasks by using gadgets that guarantee eggy-perfection.Here are a few items that are sure to turn your recipes into great successes: non-stick pans for those who love a good fried egg or fluffy omelette, a non-stick pan is ideal for quick and effortless preparation of eggs.Bid farewell to burnt egg whites and undercooked yolks and say hello to perfectly set, frothy white eggs.If you happen to be cooking a big slap-up breakfast for your family, you can be sure that non-stick pans will assist you in cooking up a delicious storm! whisks perhaps creamy and frothy scrambled eggs are your favourite breakfast treat? be sure to whisk your egg mixture with a broad-spoke whisk.Not only will this ensure that your eggs are prepared in the perfect consistency, it will also ensure that your eggs are presentation-ready for your family members or breakfast guests.Egg rings we are all familiar with the frustration of trying to fry an egg and it runs into the sides of the pan, creating an oblong-shaped fried egg that barely covers your piece of toast.There is a solution to this early morning egg recipe struggle - and these are egg rings.Once the pan is hot, simply place the ring into the centre of the pan and crack the egg into the ring.Not only will the egg retain its shape, it will also cook through in a matter of minutes.If you find that your little ones are interested in joining in with your morning cooking, look for coloured egg rings that are child-friendly.Egg toppers fingers of buttery toast and a soft boiled egg are regarded as kryptonite for many breakfast fanatics, but how does one cut open the top of the egg without ruining the delicious little package? child-friendly and easy to use, toppers are the best way in which to remove the top of the egg without cracking or spilling the insides.Egg poachers simple to use, reliable and easy to clean, little egg poachers are best friends to anyone who enjoys an old fashioned eggs benedict.Be sure to stock up on a few of these little plastic dishes and you'll be able to prepare a handful of eggs in one go.They are also ideal for families who need to be out of the door before 7am.Egg corrals best suited to little ones who refuse to eat breakfast, corrals are the best way in which to get your children to enjoy their early morning meals.Most commonly designed in the shape of owls, skulls or little animals, egg corrals will turn morning meals into an enjoyable and delicious time.Pair your perfectly prepared eggs with a delicious savoury seasoning and you're sure to remain full and satisfied until lunch time.If you're bored with your regular recipes and morning routine, shake things up by making use of a themed corral and you'll soon notice smiles all 'round.

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