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Kmec New Personnel Check Out The Sand Crusher Plant

Sand making machine (vertical shaft impact crusher) is actually a best quality mashing gear that developed by the worldwide professional in household as well as international country.This particular machine can be broadly used within crushing difficult as well as fragile materials, just like all types of rock, milling materials, fire proofing materials, concrete materials, quartz, metal ore, cement aggregate, etc.A month back, kmec organization employed some new staff to accountable for the fine sand maker industry.So yesterday the brand new workers pay a visit to the fine sand producer grow associated with kmec so that you can make the salesman to understand the fine sand manufacturers extra obviously.As well as this really is very good for that customers once they have interests upon sand creating device.At initial, the technical engineer brought all of us to enter the actual workshop securely, which is a big sand maker grow.There are plenty of completed sand producing device are put inside the plant, the sand makers are considerably larger than we imagined.The actual specialized professional place the ladder along with the fine sand maker, to ensure that we can stand higher as well as appear the interior structure associated with sand producing machine.The actual specialized professional informed all of us, up and down base impact crusher structure may be split into 2 sorts: open kind rotor framework and shut kind blades structure.The actual shut kind blades framework, the actual rotor layout is actually crate type, the material in the top drops down inside the closed type blades, after which is casted through the high-speed associated with blades.Thereby, to obtain the objective of mashing.The open variety rotor framework, the rotor may be the open type structure, the material is forged through the hammer whenever applied for the rotor.The technical engineer informed the new employees some maintenance method through applying the sand manufacturers.Regularly open up the actual declaration door and check the inside degree of weat of the sand producer, the wear parts tend to be, main giving dice, cone limit, the actual lining plate on the impeller, group backplate as well as wear-resisting panel.Vertical base effect crusher is actually purely banned to spread out the actual declaration door and appearance the internal work throughout perform in order to prevent threat.As soon as located the actual impeller put on, we need to timely replace it or even discover the manufacturer to repair.Special interest, with out the producers consent, it really is purely banned to make impeller without authorization.Whenever sand makers function period up to four hundred hrs, this needs to be additional the best quantity of grease, whenever sand maker work to two,thousand hours, it truly is needed to spread out the actual spindle and make a thoroughly clean, and if vertical base effect crusher perform to seven,200 hours, the old showing should be replaced by the new 1.In the course of perform, as a result of the actual sand producer goes towards the high-speed procedure sand making equipment , must spend special focus on security.Employees must stay from the gadget, with regard to restore with the device, it need to simply be carried out immediately after the energy is actually cut-off.

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