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Laptop Cooling Methods

Laptop working in the general environment will not be cooling, but to work long in high temperature environment, poor heat dissipation will not only greatly reduce the use of machine comfort (holding a hot laptop to use certain that all users do not want to), and is prone to blue screen, restart, automatic shutdown or crash phenomena, but also shorten the life of the parts laptops.In serious cases, may even damage the laptop due to overheating of certain hardware devices.Thus, in order to make laptop in the hot summer can be stable and efficient operation, to do some work of summer cooling is very necessary conventional cooling methods 1, when usually use the laptop, do not put books and other items around it, so the fan laptop cooling air inlet or air outlet and poor ventilation caused by poor heat dissipation.When using the laptop in bed, pay special attention not to let blankets, clothing and block heat vents, otherwise it will make laptop heat discharged outside the machine can not be a result of normal internal temperature is too high, causing distortion components overheating or burn.2, in the hot summer heat in order to improve the situation of the machine, use the laptop aside before the bottom four 1cm ~ 2cm high block of hard plastic or metal blocks to speed up the laptop at the bottom of air circulation, and enhance the thermal performance laptop.3, in order to reduce the laptop's heat, we can close some not commonly used hardware.Such as infrared port, parallel port, serial port, pcmcia slot so for some users, is also less than a few months, then you can disable in device manager the hardware.4, many laptops in the machine opened the bottom vents, some of them also at the bottom of the heat as an important way, so the higher the temperature of the bottom of the machine.For this type of laptop, you can also purchase a special pad or cooling water at the bottom of the base on the machine to aid cooling, heat can get very good results 5, you can try using some cool software to the laptop cool.Commonly used cooling software has cpu cool, cpu idle, v cool and waterfall, etc., these software instructions found no external cpu when the cpu into suspend mode on the force, and thus heat along with it falling down.However, these cooling software work under windows 98 system more efficient, more significant cooling effect, while windows 2000, xp systems have built-in idle command, thus the cooling effect is not obvious.

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