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Leading Machinery Industry At The Forefront To Achieve Sustainable Development

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of national infrastructure, in particular, a substantial increase in the price of iron ore, unused in the proven mining initially have a lot of internal and external construction conditions.Based on 2008 data,cement machinery in the 2251 mining area of untapped 1015 included in planning the use of the mining area, accounting for 45.09% of the undeveloped iron ore district of the total number, and has iron ore reserves of 20.945 billion tons, accounting for national retains 32.Vibrating grizzly feeder42% of proven iron ore reserves.Sichuan can be planned mining area of 35, proved reserves of 6.308 billion tons; hebei can be planned mining area of 52, proved reserves of 2.488 billion tons; inner mongolia has a planned mining area is 218, the identification of resources, reserves of 21.Rotary dryers45 million tons; liaoning have planned mining area is 59, has proved reserves of 2.062 billion tons; shandong can be planned mining area of 104, proved reserves of 1.Clinker rotary kiln771 billion tons; anhui can be planned mining area of 50, to identify resources reserves of 1.517 billion tons; shanxi planned mining area is 56, and proved reserves of 1.429 billion tons.More than seven provinces (regions) may be planning to use the mining area of 574, proved reserves of 17.Magnetic drum separator72 billion tons, accounting for planning the use of the reserves of 84.6%.1236 mines have been included in temporarily difficult to use, accounting for 34% of the national total number of proven iron ore area, up to 20.1 billion tons of iron ore reserves.Included in temporarily difficult to use the mining area show that these mines do not yet have the scale of the development of internal and external conditions, for example, traffic conditions are very poor, and some dressing and smelting technology has yet to pass, some of the devastating impact of groundwater on mining the problem has not yet been completely resolved, the need for large enterprises and consortia involved in technology research.Shaking concentratoriron ore, one of the most important raw materials as steel production, the development of steel has a very large impact, the development of the steel can be to promote the development of iron ore mine.China is a steel-producing countries, but also iron ore consuming country.With the rapid economic development, china's demand for iron ore increased substantially.The industry estimates, eastern china's steel production will peak in 2015, but the central and western regions will continue to grow.Cement machinery the global iron ore supply in the next few years will continue tight.National policy to promote china's east coast business are getting close to capacity, the world's biggest iron ore producer, is seeking to enter china's underdeveloped western regions for future performance growth looking for staying power.Xinjiang and other western china industrialization and urbanization, the demand for steel will substantially increase the demand for imported iron ore in china remain high and continue to develop the region's iron ore market.Iron ore industry in the western market development, the need to help promote the machinery industry.Processing crusher, sand making machine, crushing machine, milling machine, grinding equipment is essential in the exploitation and utilization of mining also played a leading role in the machinery industry, this series of equipment is the original ore processed into industry materials needed for the finished product must pass through the process necessary equipment.Iron ore market development, not only led to the development of machinery industry, is leading the development of the crusher and grinding equipment.Now the country's development depends on the technology continues to rise, not only can save resources, utilization of resources, but also energy saving and environmental protection, more rapid development.Countries the majority of market demand for iron ore and other mineral resources, and gradually promote the development of the crushers and other mining machinery industry, not only in the market development, and technical requirements have to promote.So as to lead the mining crusher machinery industry forever at the forefront of sustainable development.Cement rotating dryer:www.China-crusher.Com/drier5.Htmlrotary dryers:www.China-crusher.Com/drier5.Htmlvibrating feeder:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/vibrating-feeder.Html.

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