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Let Us Learn Ball Grinder Together With Hongxing

The machine is custom designed to cut your operating costs and increase your mine production by allowing your mining, haulage and conveying systems to work at their most efficient rate.It is a horizontal cylinder partly filled up with steel balls (or occasionally other shapes) that rotates on its axis, imparting a tumbling and cascading action for the balls.Material fed from the mill is crushed by impact and ground by attrition involving the balls.The grinding media are often manufactured from high-chromium steel.The smaller grades are now and again cylindrical ("pebs") rather than spherical.There exists a speed of rotation (the "critical speed") at which the contents of the mill would simply ride on the roof from the mill as a result of centrifugal action.It is definitely an efficient tool for grinding many materials into fine powder.It can be used to grind many different types of mine along with other materials, in order to find the mine, widely used in building material, chemical industry, etc.There are two means of grinding: the dry process as well as the wet process.It could be divided into tabular type and flowing type based on variations of discharging material.Its advantages and features are as follows: 1.Large application range, simple structure and convenient maintenance; 2.Large capacity and continuous work are very obvious; 3.Barrel lining and grinding media can apply various abrasive materials; 4.Installation and adjustment are very convenient and easy to be operated.How is it working? this ball mill machine is a skeleton pattern ball mill with horizontal cylindrical turning gear, drive by outer gear and two hoppers.The material goes to the first hopper after the spiraling by the quill shaft from the feeding and dryer machine.The hopper has ladder sheathing or corrugated sheathing with steel balls inside, which will fall under the effect of centrifugal force by barrel turning to ram hard and grind material.After the kibbling in the first hopper, by monolayer partition panel, the material will enter the second hopper, which has plane scale board with steel ball inside to grind material.The powder material will be discharged from the grid plate to finish the grinding.Common faults are: 1.Spoon the first activities of the ore loose; tight on the first or spoon to the mine, improved lubrication conditions, the replacement liner, adjusting operation, replacement or repair gear, ruled out electrical fault 2.Debris back to eating sand 3.Hollow shaft lubrication bad 4.Pay ore beneficiation 5.Around the cylinder liner weight imbalance, or uneven mount loss 6.Excessive wear gear 7.The electrical fault on the circuit ball mill: http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_34.Htmldryer machine: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/21.Html.

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