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Loxion Comedy Jay Boogie Shakes Things Up

The loxion comedy series has proven to be hugely successful, sending laughter rippling throughout south africa.2015 saw the series [which first launched in soweto in 2014] once again kick off in the heart of soweto-at the packed soweto theatre.The series showcases a mix of established big-name comedians performing alongside rising stars of comedy, with the loxion comedy series 2015 featuring a wide range of performers travelling to and performing in townships across south africa.The imitable jay boogie, or 'the boogie man' to his growing fan base stretching from soweto to swaziland, hosted and performed alongside tall ass mo, felix hlophe, smokey nyembe, sifiso nene, siyanda maphumulo and pelepele mchunu at the 2015 loxion comedy opening night in soweto.Jay, a comedic firecracker with a unique way of looking at the south african experience, was undoubtedly a fitting host for the series, which is characterised by jokes, skits and satire about the lighter side of daily life in mzanzi.Born in soweto as jordan t.Mazibuko, jay boogie got his start performing as part of the ozone premium comedy nights in soweto, where his particular brand of smart, quirky, street-wise comedy immediately garnered him recognition on the sowetan comedy scene.He quickly progressed to the stage of the soweto theatre, performing in the soweto comedy festival and the soweto international comedy festival respectively.The young comic's rise to nationwide recognition has been rapid since then, with neighbouring states swaziland, lesotho and botswana inviting him to perform at comedy festivals.However, while his rise from the small stages in soweto has been relatively swift, his commitment to comedy is not recent-his current riotous material, inflection, style and persona have been 10+ years in the making.South africa has, over the last two odd decades, seen an increase in the presence and success of black and coloured comedians [trevor noah or david kau, anyone?], and rightfully so.Access to comedy clubs was restricted for black comedians such as jay boogie during the apartheid era, but the black and coloured population were hungry for comedy-particularly street-wise comedy that spoke to them, which would explain the tentative but consistent flourishing of comedy in south africa since democracy.If there is one thing south africans love to do, it is to laugh, but that does not mean that being a comedian in south africa comes cheaply.Jay boogie explains that a successful comedian has to know how to manage an audience in order to connect them with, and get them to laugh at, the material being performed.This is something that anyone who has seen jay perform would attest he is particularly good at.Able to shake things up during his stand-up routines, jay deliver's comedy that is relatable, real, unapologetic and raw.The boogie man is certainly a comedic talent to watch.

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