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Lubricating Oil Demands For Crusher And Sand Maker

Oil is all mechanical equipment maintenance needs, of course, mining machinery and equipment is no exception.But because of the different environmental equipment operation, on the lubrication performance quality requirements are also different.Artificial sand maker.The sand, crusher equipment is the most commonly used in mining machinery equipment, especially large sand factory,ore separating line shiliaochang etc, and these facilities are outdoor production.The sand machine has the reliability, use, installation, maintenance and operation, convenient maintenance cost, economical, energy saving, environmental protection, without any additional device etc advantages, but their work environment is evil slightly,mobile impact crusher or to pay more attention to the daily maintenance and regular maintenance.According to the sand, crusher, the characteristics of mining machinery,mobile impact crusher put forward to oil the following requirements: 1.The volume of mining machinery and oil tank of small volume, put the amount of oil is little also, work the oil temperature is higher, which requires the lubricating oil have good thermal stability and oxidation resistance.2.Because of the bad environment mines, coal dust,mobile impact crusher rock dust, moisture more,ore flotation equipment lubricating oil these impurities unavoidably been pollution, so the requirement to have good lubricating oil, corrosion and rust resistance performance emulsion; oil polluted when required, its performance changes will not be too big, that is the sensitivity of the pollution to small.3.Open pit mechanical winter and summer temperature changes a lot, and in some areas also big temperature between day and night,ore flotation equipment therefore, ask lubricant viscosity with the change of the temperature to small, should avoid in high temperature, low viscosity oil to become so that it cannot form of lubricant, up from less than should lubrication, and to avoid in the low temperature viscosity when too much, so that the starting, operation difficulty.4.For some mining machinery and equipment, especially in vulnerable to fire, explosion accidents in mines the use of some machinery, request the use of flammability good lubricants (resistance to liquid fuel), cannot use combustible mineral oil.5.Requirements for the adaptability of the seal lubricants is better, lest sealing parts damaged.Hope crusher, the sand machine and all mechanical equipment user can choose according to their own equipment running environment of lubricant is fully maintenance equipment.Ore flotation equipment:www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/18.Htm magnetic separator:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/china-magnetic-separator.Html.

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