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Lubrication Technologies Of Energy Saving Ball Mill

Lubrication system plays a very important role in the energy-saving ball mill, its significance lies in the use of efficient lubrication system can effectively relieve the state of wear of the ball mill.The mine environment is extremely harsh, rock dust, coal dust, moisture is more, the requirements of the lubricating oil lubrication of high quality; also requires a good anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-emulsifying properties; when contaminated lubricant performance changes not too large, the sensitivity to pollution is very small, so that the maintenance of the lubrication system is very important not only to prevent the rusting of steel equipment, but also improve the the henan mill gear efficiency, so that the production of equipment and dressing production line increase; different ball mill equipment have different lubrication technology, but the main process or artificial, coated with oil lubrication or oil pool, splash lubrication; lubrication process for these two to do something big competition, so that customers appropriate choice.1- artificial lubrication is one of the most backward way of lubrication, this method can not control lubricant amount, a waste of lubricating oil is also very serious;2- the pool of oil splash lubrication is the most commonly used as a lubricating process, it is part of the active pinion immersed in the oil pool, lubricants bring to rely on the rotation of the pinion, then lubricating oil to the gear meshing passive ball mill gear, this lubrication process can not be the same lubricant amount control, waste of lubricating oil is also very serious, but also pollute the environment for equipment operation; the same time, due to the meshing of the gears caused by wear and tear of metal powder into the oil pool, resulting in the contamination of the lubricating oil, contaminated lubricants will exacerbate the wear of the gear; these two lubrication process is a common feature, is to only use lubricants, but can not use the semi-fluid grease containing solid ingredients, and for large open gear spray contains a certain percentage of patients with solid ingredients and semi-mobile grease would be better.Ore spiral classifier : http://www.China-crusher.Com/spiral-classifier5.Htmlsand maker : http://www.China-crusher.Com/sand-maker3.Htmldrum dryer : http://www.China-crusher.Com/drier5.Html.

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