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Machinery Industry Tries To Grasp New Develop Trend Of International Industry

According to the china machinery industry federation of key enterprise of sampling survey,rock crusher in the first eight months of this year new orders increased 3.8% year-on-year, growth down significantly more than the same period last year.New orders because not much, enterprise development situation of side less confidence, especially large amount of wide of the small and medium-sized enterprise situation is difficult.According to understand, to overcome obstacles rapeseed growing seasonal, the municipal agriculture department and agricultural closely with the farm machinery, on the one hand, the plant variety improvement in exploring optimal collocation, on the other hand, the effort to find a suitable for huzhou the practical need agricultural machinery,jaw crushers help the farmers from heavy manual work freed, achieve a variety of charge, speeding up the process of agricultural mechanization.In foreign demand in the short term is not optimistic.Since this year, although machinery industry growth overall gradually rise, but a sharp slowdown in import and export trade of the position has not contained.So, for an export value than 20% of the machinery industry, the short term hard to expect to have a positive contribution to the economy growth.Meanwhile, in the world economy and trade appear sharply declining employment pressure increase,cement mill nations, market more competitive situation, trade protectionism momentum intensifies, increase the duties, abuse of relief measures, etc.Various kinds of trade friction increase rapidly.Rotary dryers external challenges cannot be ignored, internal contradiction is worth vigilant.The china machinery industry federation president wangruixiang think, china machinery industry remains industry itself big but not strong, independent innovation ability weak, the foundation behind, low level manufacture level of repetitive construction, product technical content is not high,rotary dryer the added value of the industrial concentration is low, the industry chain not perfect, industrial structure imbalance and excess capacity and serious long-term structural contradictions.And, developed countries based on the resource configuration optimization objective need, but also trying to solidify china as the world of the equipment manufacturing industry of high-end assembly and zhongdiduan processing base.It is because of china machinery industry in general are still in the development stage in vulgar, machinery industry unit product comprehensive energy consumption than to the high number of developed countries, but the value added of industry rate than developed countries low many.With tools industry as an example, china's high speed steel paper cutting tool material price than the international market is cheap,screw classifiers cemented carbide cutting the price is less than a third of the japanese."energy, a mechanical industry in china power change deep contradictions, change products' low-end melee,china cement mills high-end fort 'unreasonable pattern, has come to a critical point." wangruixiang said.Machinery industry constantly pay special attention to the industrial structure adjustment, firmly suppress low capacity expansion and "high level" repeat construction.To speed up the enterprise merger and reorganization products renewal, form the host production enterprise mainly by the single machine manufacturing to system integration give priority to change, professional parts production enterprise to "specialized, refined, and unique" direction development, formed complementary advantages and coordinate the development of industry structure.The international experience shows that every big crisis is a world economic shuffle, all is the history of the emerging opportunities."machinery industry to grasp the future international industry, the new trend of development in low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection technology research and development and equipment product development capture the international industry competition on high ground." wangruixiang said.Magnetic separator:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/china-magnetic-separator.Html mobile crusher:www.China-crusher.Com/movable-crushing-station.Html china impact crusher:www.China-crusher.Com/impact-breaker1.Html.

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