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Magnesium Metal Production

Though refining and processing of dolomite, it can obtain magnesium metal ,which can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, defense, cars, industrial and anti-corrosion materials, and rapid expansion to the various fields of automobile, motorcycle industry, electronics, communications, civil as well as high-tech.Dolomite crystal belongs to trigonal carbonate minerals.Chemical composition is camgco32.When the iron or manganese atoms over magnesium, it is known as ankerite or manganese dolomite.Trigonal system, the crystals were rhombohedral crystal faces often curved into a saddle-like, common polysynthetic twin.Aggregates usually grainy.Pure white; iron gray; weathered brown.Glass luster.Case of cold dilute hydrochloric acid slowly bubbling.Is the major mineral composition of dolomite.Marine sedimentary origin of dolomite often associated with siderite layer, limestone layers interbedded outputs.Lacustrine sediments, dolomite and gypsum, anhydrite, rock salt, potassium stone salt symbiosis jiang su zhongbo heavy ball mill processed magnesium oxide is mainly used in the manufacture of ceramic, enamel, refractory; as a filler in the manufacture of polishes, adhesives, paint; in man-made fibers, rubber (chloroprene rubber, fluorine rubber) for the accelerator and catalyst; in the field of medicine, is also widely used in food ; in the building materials industry, magnesium oxide to produce manufacturing magnesium special cement and insulation board; used in the manufacture of magnesium metal and magnesium chemicals in the chemical industry;used in the field of environmental protection for water treatment and flue gas desulfurization; has also been widely used in glass, dyes, cable, metallurgy, electronics, electrical, insulation materials, petroleum additives, casting, bakelite and other industries.Light-burned dolomite concentration of sea water to get magnesium hydroxide processthe present invention is a light burned dolomite, concentrated sea water as raw materials, and methods of preparation of magnesium hydroxide.The light burned dolomite, add water and heated to 70 ~ 90 ℃ digestion reaction of dolomite milk.Concentrated seawater dolomite milk wet sieve to remove impurities generate magnesium hydroxide, concentrated sea water containing magnesium hydroxide by the settlement concentrated filter obtained paste magnesium hydroxide paste magnesium hydroxide by the different treatment can be obtained for different purposes magnesium hydroxide products.Its production costs are significantly lower than the traditional preparation process, the economic benefits are significantly improved.Magnesium carbonate can be used as fine fillers and reinforcing agents for rubber products.Can also be used for thermal insulation, high temperature fire insulation materials.Light magnesium is an excellent insulating material for shipbuilding and boiler manufacturing sector.In addition, in the field of advanced glass products, magnesium salts, pigments, paints, fireproofing material, printing ink, ceramics, cosmetics, toothpaste and other japanese chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food is also widely used.Jaw crusher impact crusher cone crusher.

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