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Magnetic Separator Is The Water Saving Equipment

In recent time, china's poyang lake drought, 10 one of the previous storage capacity elsewhere may also once appeared in a crisis of resources, water conservation has become in our lives everywhere should be aware of.At the same time will save a small fortune for the factory expenses, of henan hongxing production separator because of conservation of water resources and selling.Clients' interests first consider the service to pursue sales of refined products.From pre-sales consulting, enthusiastic service to promote products in the sale, all requirements of the essence in order to fine.Magnetic separator for dry magnetic separation, magnetic separation equipment, water separator is a dry magnetic separator.Red star heavy below detail dry magnetic separator for you to save water resources of five advantages: 1, the material is not wrapped in a group, dry magnetic separation machine to save water disposal capacity: the company uses the parcel open magnetic system.Clogging disposal capacity, disposal of a single primary machine ore up to 50 tons or more, but also multi-machine side by side in parallel, can be doubled to increase production.2, divided into four categories, dry magnetic separation machine to save water resources to adapt to industry wide: the dry magnetic separator.There are more than 20varieties and specifications of the model.Meet a variety of iron ore, river sand, tailings, slag, steel gray, sulfuric acid residue, abrasive, fire information system board, rubber, grain and other demands of the industry, the local device can also be use of a machine.3 therefore are not subject to water restrictions, dry magnetic separation machine to save water resources, high production efficiency: dry water.Year-round continuous production increase by 100-150 days a year on anhydrous regions, seasonal water shortage areas, alpine regions, improve equipment utilization.4, no water, dry magnetic separation machine to save water dressing is not water: the company dry magnetic separator.Election compared with the water, no sewage sludge occurred conservation of water resources.Gxc-8180 primary machine, for example, annual savings of 600,000 tons of water.5, the ore material in the drum screen surface sliding, dry magnetic separation machine to save water resources sorting: the machine to take the design of the dynamic magnetic system.Displacement and roll, drum stick material, material sorting, primary grade can be increased 1-4 times a selected grade of up to 60% or more.Stone production line : http://www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/stone-crushing-plant.Htmlshaking concentrator : http://www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/concentrator-table.Htmlwet magnetic separator : http://www.China-crusher.Com/magnetic-separator5.Html.

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