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Major Internal And External Factors Which Affects Briquettes Burning

These high-density briquettes produced via the briquetting machines are best to use in the industries and households as they create a green environment.So, let's check out the specific factors which affect the burning of this biomass fuel.1.Quality the briquettes quality is the paramount factor which affects the burning.Its calorific value, resistance to humidity and density influence the burning directly.A) density the high-density briquettes made via the briquetting press machine release heat at the burning time.The density is affected by the moisture content and raw material particle size.The tinier the particle size, the higher the briquette density.The water content in the feedstock also creates a significant hurdle in compressing the briquette and water evaporator made due to the high temperature.B) calorific value the briquettes with high calorific value burn for a long time.So, higher the calorific value, the better they get heated.C) humidity resistance briquette gets ruined when it comes in contact with the humidity due to the lignin presence, and also the majority of the binders added are water soluble.Water vapors produced from the built-in moisture of briquettes at the time of combustion created a saturated climate at the high temperatures which are more elemental to a humidity resistance of the briquettes.If the briquettes crumble fast at the time of combustion, the loose particles will get clean the unburnt ones via a boiler or will hinder the airflow.2.Pressing temperature it also influences strength and briquette quality a lot.When you use the best briquetting machine the excretion of lignin during the process acts as a natural binder that combines the fibers of the feedstocks to create robust briquettes.When the temperature is low, these briquettes have less strength; they are more possibly to crumble at the time of burning, have short burning time, and also generate less heat.But when the opposite is the case, the volatile compounds may get burned and lead to the burning at the time of pressing.3.Moisture content it mainly affected by the feedstock and its features.The optimal moisture content is near about 10 to 18%.When it is low, the particles are not steady, and the briquette falls into small pieces.External factors: 1.Positioning the placing of briquettes plays a significant role in affecting the burning and airflow.Usually, the primary purpose of the positioning briquettes in the briquetting press machine is to place them in the position so that there is good airflow.So, the doughnut-shaped briquettes are the best choice.Put them in an upright position to make the air easily move via the inner hole as it extends the contact air surface and briquettes, thus enhance the burning efficiency.2.Airflow airflow is another factor which affects the burning of briquettes.Proper airflow is a must for burning.Only with enough airflow supply, you can keep the burning at higher combustion rate.It even prevents the resulted due to the improper airflow.3.Ash removal the ash produced by burning may result in many issues.It may block the air holes and also reduces the oxygen supply in the combustion chamber.Also, it is vital to pick the top quality briquettes made by the top briquetting machine having low ash content.Even if you use them in stoves, it is critical to clean the ash timely to make sure that the air hole supply oxygen required for combustion.If you are finding the world's best briquetting press machines in india, then get the top quality machinery at ecostan® and that too at discounted costs.They convert biomass and agricultural debris into the useful biomass briquettes via briquetting process.Plus, you can pick the briquetting machines as per your needs and tailor them accordingly.

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