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Make The Best Use Of Just A Minute And Get Ahead

I'm guessing you are here because you want to make the most of your time.You recognize that time is a unique and precious resource that you need in order to do your work, accomplish your goals, spend time with your loved ones, and enjoy everything that life has to offer.Perhaps you have a heavy workload and want to find ways to become more effective so you can get more done in less time.Maybe you feel overwhelmed or "stressed out" and want to find ways to do less and enjoy more.Or maybe you simply want to feel more focused and in control of your time, instead of feeling like you rush madly from one activity to the next until you fall into bed exhausted every night.Benjamin franklin said, "do you love life? then do not squander time, for that's the stuff that life is made of." whatever your reasons, you came to the right place.Here you'll find tons of resources, ideas and suggestions to help you improve your time management skills, increase your productivity and make much better use of your time.Time management is a set of principles, practices, skills, tools, and systems working together to help you get more value out of your time with the aim of improving the quality of your life.The important point is that time management is not necessarily about getting lots of stuff done, because much more important than that is making sure that you are working on the right things, the things that truly need to be done.Smart time managers know that there is much more to do than anyone could possibly accomplish.So instead of trying to do it all, smart time managers are very picky about how they spend their time.In a minute, you can scan an article with around 500 words.If you scan a newspapers, you can browse a daily newspaper with 40 editions; if you type for a minute, you can type more than 100 words; you can also run 400 meters in a minute,; in a minute, you can do more than 20 situps, which makes you feel comfortable.What can you do in a minute? there are so many answers.However, what we can do in one minute is limited; we must admit that one minute is too short.But if we cherish every.

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