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Make Your Own Kota

Take a trip around soweto, or any other 'hood' in gauteng, and you'll come across gp's most loved sandwich, the kota (or sphatlo).It's called a kota, in relation to the word 'quarter', because a quarter of a loaf is used as the base of the sandwich.It is filled with everything that you can think of, from chips to eggs and a variety of sauces.The kota is a lunch time student favourite, and it's really great value for money.This sandwich is definitely not for you if you're a weight watcher, but there is no harm in skipping the diet for a day and making yourself your own kota.If you were to go to a kota shop in the township, you'd be able to choose what you'd like to include in your kasi-style sandwich, but when you make it at home, rise to the challenge and make one that includes everything.To make your own kota, you will need: a quarter of a loaf of bread 2 tablespoons of atchar fried potato chips 1 fried egg 1 slice of processed cheese 1 russian sausage 1 vienna sausage 1 burger patty 1 slice of polony all-purpose savoury seasoning sauces of your choice start by preparing your fillings and by frying your chips, egg, russian sausage, viena, and burger patty.Hollow out the quarter loaf of bread, and base it with the atchar.You may layer your fillings in any order that you feel, topping things off with the seasoning and the sauces.In order to complete your sandwich, place the piece of bread that you previously cut out on top, ensuring that you press it down to minimise the mess when eating.Tip: to get the pump-up flavour, you can also try a peri-peri seasoning or a chilli beef seasoning, just to add a little bit of zing to your kasi sandwich.This sandwich is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but is the perfect comfort food for those days when you crave a whole lot of grease in your system.It is also a wonderful remedy for babalas! and, while it may not be good for your waistline, it certainly does wonders for your taste buds.Why not shake things up a bit and prepare these sandwiches for your friends and family.It is the perfect twist for a hearty, taste bud tantalising sunday lunch.

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