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Manganese Beneficiation Plant

Most manganese ores belong to poor ores, which must be processed of ore dressing.But most manganese ores are fine particles or with extra-fine particles and contain a considerate number of high phosphorus ore, high iron ore and associated beneficial metals, so the ore processing is quite difficulty.Currently the widely-used ways for manganese ore dressing are mechanical dressing (including ore-washing, sieving, gravity separation, high intensity magnetic separation and flotation), pyrometallurgy enrichment and chemical ore-dressing, etc.1.Ore-washing and sieving.Ore washing makes use of waterpower flush or additional mechanical scrubbing to separate ores from pelitic materials.The common devices are washing screen, drum washer and trough-type washer.Ore washing is usually connected to sieving, for example, directly wash the ores by flushing on the vibration screen or send the ore sand (net ore) processed from ore-washer to the vibration screen for sieving.Sieving can also be as an independent operation to sort products in different granularities and grades for various applications.2.Gravity separation.Currently gravity separation is mainly applied in processing the manganese ores with simple structure and coarse-grained dissemination, especially suitable for great density of manganese oxide minerals.The common ways are heavy-media separation, jigging dressing and table concentration.In china the current technology flow of manganese oxide minerals processing is first to crush the ores into 6-0mm or 10-0mm pieces, then divide them into several groups, and jig for the coarse grade ores and sort the fine grade ores in the table concentrator.The general devices are sawtooth wave type jigger and 6-s jigger.3.High intensity magnetic separation manganese ores belong to weak magnetic minerals, so the manganese minerals can get recycled in the high intensity magnetic concentrator separator with magnetic field intensity and general it can increase the manganese grade by 4% -10%.Due to the simple operation, easy control and high adaptability of magnetic separation, it is applied in processing of various manganese ores and has become the leading manganese ore dressing way in recent years.Various new types of high intensity magnetic separators for coarse, medium and fine particles have been developed successfully one after another.Currently the most popular one is the medium-grain magnetic separator though the coarse-grain and fine-grain magnetic separators are gradually applied.The extra-fine high intensity magnetic separator is still on the testing stage.Gravity- magnetic separation currently in china the manganese ore gravity- magnetic separation factories that newly set and reconstructed.For example, the manganese ore gravity- magnetic separation factory in liancheng mainly deals with leaching type manganese oxide minerals.With application of jt2-2 sawtooth wave type jigger to wash ores of 30-3mm so as to obtain over 40% manganese content of the good quality concentrate manganese ores, and after manual picking out the impurities, they can be as the raw material of battery manganese powder.The jig tailings and ore sizes from less than 3 mm to 1m are sent to high intensity magnetic separator for processing so as to improve the grade of concentrate manganese ores by 24%~25% and reach 36%-40%.There is only manganese ore factory that applies the strong magnetic-flotation technology.This kind of ore is a manganese ore mainly contains manganese carbonate and with low manganese, low phosphorus and high iron.According to the industrial test, grinding flow applies rod mill-ball mill phasal ore-grinding.The high intensity magnetic separator applies shp-2000 strong magnetic machine.The flotation machine mainly applies chf pneumatic flotation machine.After years' production experiment, these devices perform excellent, so this way is quite suitable for zunyi manganese ore dressing application.The success of strong magnetic-flotation technology experiment and its application in production stand for another advanced step of the manganese ore deeper processing in our country.The methods of agglomeration include three crafts, sintering, pelletizing and pressing into ball.At present, we usually adopt way of sintering.When manganic concentrate ores or mine smalls are quite fine- over 80% are 200 meshes and they are not allowed to have carbon residue, we adopt way of pelletizing or pressing into ball.

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