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Marble Or Granite Which One Is Best For Your Floor

Everyone wants to give their house a lush feeling.The interior of the house is a significant factor.If you are looking for that best interior, flooring is the most important thing in this whole procedure.Now, you have a number of choices in getting different floors.Choosing one of them can be a greatproblem since there are ample choices laid down for you as soon as you walk in the flooring shop.Two of the most common choices are granite and marble.Both are among the top choices of the architects and are suggested by experts to an extent that it seems like these choices are in a war against each other.However, both of them can work for you depending up on your wants and needs.Here are a few differences in both natural stones: 1.Look- both of these stones appear to be very different from each other.Granite has small grains in different colors and hues in a wide range looking like small specks inside the stone.This wide range of colors includes shades of green, blue, pink and orange from dark to medium.On the other hand, marble consists of big patterns like veins with limited color options.If you have a big place, you can get a marble floor since the large patterns will make the room appear normal.On the other hand, big patterns will make the small room smaller.Therefore it is wise to choose granite for a smaller room which has a wider range of colors.Marble tile 2.Life- though both have long life but granite is harder than marble which makes it more durable.This makes it the best choice for kitchen countertops since it can resist heat better than marble.Moreover, it can be used in bathrooms and dressing since it is suitable for your hot hair tools such as curling iron or hair dryer.However, whether you are having a marble or granite countertop, don't forget to get it sealed if you want it to last longer.3.Prices- this is something your world depends on.The decision of whether you are going to install granite or marble depends chiefly on the prices.Granite is cheaper than marble which makes it more economical.However, if you want your place to look really expensive, marble is the best choice.4.Maintenance- granite requires more care than marble.It can easily get stained or damaged in case it comes in contact with acid.On the other hand, marble is low maintenance.Granite tiles in a nutshell, your decision of picking one of the two stones not only relies on budget but also style and space available.The number of rooms and corners is important.Have a detailed conversation about your needs, budget, and space with your contractor.This is the only way you can make a good decision.Hire a good contractor as the installation of the floor is a complex process.If you are on a budget, granite is a good option and if you want your place to look lavish and regal, the marble stone is the best.However, get both of them sealed.

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