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Mechanical Industry Into The Era Of E Commerce Business

Mechanical industry into the era of e-commerce business in the 21 st century, is a network century,sand making machine but also the development of electronic commerce big time, in order to want to survive.His enterprise must change the traditional management pattern, into the electronic commerce.In the rapid economic development condition,cement machinery enterprise if not for electronic business so must will fall behind with the times.As some daily products, electronic business affairs of course has let the businesses taste blood, as a mechanical industry due to the particularity of the equipment,spiral classifier price machine tool fuzzy, machine tool is introduced price enough detail, machine tool business credibility can't guarantee, machine tool quality after-sales cannot assure were also lead to now have not developed market online machine so quickly.The present mechanical equipment in the electronic commercial platform it is not good to do the promotion of marketing, will tell commonly,impact breaker industrial machinery is characteristic of most buyers and sellers of the fixed supply and demand, direction and purpose is very clear, the supply and demand direction to the electronic commerce can only narrow as mechanical equipment industry auxiliary marketing tool.To this, the 2012 domestic mining machinery manufacturing industry the development of the market, the hongxing mining machinery also have some of their views.In fact, in recent years china's mining machinery manufacturing momentum of development is very strong, but the prominent problems in technology and strategy is always walk along the old, not radically change for development ideas, and the current mining machinery manufacturing especially at dressing crushing and screening branch line of business, mining machinery enterprise to provide users with complete service to the enterprises, into line,china jaw crusher few to provide a full range of solutions or take on more complex engineering contracting project ability.In the face of the competition of the international market momentum in overrun, therefore in the international market and technology international, international investment aspects should be greatly strengthened, and the more open to international vision, flexible operation form, using every can use of domestic and industrial resources, get win-win situation, in order to realize the mining machinery manufacturing technology upgrading innovation objective way should actively promote and implement.Belt conveyor.Mechanical industry to realize the electronic commerce road need to do the following:the first: need to have your own web site, to provide detailed product introduction, the enterprise news,stone crusher and contact information, etc.The second: web site needs to have a customer service way, such as tq,vibrating feeder can in time for the customer to provide some services trade.Third: the site should be on internet marketing and optimization.Machinery industry is increasingly fierce competition, gradually from the solid sales network were moving the, as long as the enterprises can adhere to the road of electronic commerce, are certain to profit from it.Cement rotary kiln:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/rotary-kiln.Htmlmobile jaw crusher:www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/1.Htmclassifiers:www.China-crusher.Com/spiral-classifier5.Html.

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