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Meeting Felix Hlophe

Who doesn't love a good local comedian? if trevor noah is anything to go by, south africans are ready to get behind locally sourced talent in a big way.That's great news for felix hlophe, durban-based comedian, businessman, radio dj and master of one-liners.He's well respected in comedy circles and is particularly loved in his native kwazulu-natal, where he often entertains the crowds in isizulu.Talk about getting brownie points.King filly, as he's otherwise known, also hosts the saturday morning and monday evening shows on gagasi fm where he delivers nonstop fun and laughter to their one million listeners.Previously he was co-host on the vuma 103fm kwasa breakfast show, meaning he's no stranger to the spotlight and has garnered quite the following.Hlophe loves working in radio but describes comedy as his 'first love', because he's always been able to make people laugh with 'the felix effect' - and no wonder.He's been shaking up the comedy scene lately, having headlined at some big name events over the last few years, including the loxion comedy series, hallelujah comedy, and 99% zulu comedy.You'll also see him performing across the country along with stellar acts such as john vlismas.The hallelujah comedy event was a masterclass in playing to your audience.Hlophe successfully demonstrated that, for some very special occasions, his unique brand of laugh-a-minute stand-up can be clean and family friendly; a rare commodity in global comedy these days, as anyone with kids will know! for those who prefer something more edgy and adult though, there's no need to worry.Hlophe has previously described his usual comedic style as 'naughty' (so don't bring the kids!) and says he gets his inspiration from his day to day life, as well as from the media and parliament.We all love someone who can laugh at themselves, and hlophe comes up trumps in that division.Do yourself a favour and get to one of his shows.You'll not only have a great night, you'll discover a local talent and want to go straight back and watch it all over again.One thing's for sure: his side-splitting act is guaranteed to have you wiping tears from your eyes as you struggle to stay in your seat.To put it simply; felix hlophe is going places.Comedian, entrepreneur and radio presenter all rolled into one, hlophe is far from a jack of all trades.He's more of a master.Watch your back, trevor!.

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