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Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnaces

Regular copper brazing, silver brazing and annealing up to 2100of or 1150oc for light or medium weight parts that are produced in the large amount and in the cost effective manner, the mesh belt conveyor furnace process the work efficiently and economically, normally oxidation and discoloration free with less scale than the other processes.The furnace is specifically well suited to continuous production line operations accepting components ready for heat processing and discharging them for assembly or packaging.Because the furnace can be used for several heat processes, it is commonly applied for components or assemblies utilized in volume production industries like automotive, home appliance, electronics, aircraft and hardware.Copper brazing strong leak tight valuable joints can be constructed in steel by copper brazing, when the joint is properly designed.In volume production, copper brazing of joints is normally less costly than silver brazing, soldering, ac welding, seam welding or spot welding.Brazing flux is not essential because the furnace environment cleans the work.Silver brazing silver brazing will create strong, leak light joints with any metal or combination of metals.With silver brazing, an assembly can be constructed up in a series of brazes, using low temperature brazing material for every complete braze.Annealing annealing in a security atmosphere can save money and enhance quality by decreasing or removing the after cleaning operation needs.The annealing process can be utilized a cleaning operation prior further processing.The components or assemblies can be taken out of the furnace adequately hot to produce a light and tight security bluing on the material.Heating elements ceramic silicon carbide kind heating elements mounted above and below the mesh conveyor belt efficient, uniform heating.These can be easily altered while the furnace is at operation temperature.Tap changing transformer a tap changing transformer allows variable voltage to the elements to compensate for any alterations in resistance due to gradual element aging, not necessary while using ribbon elements.Cooling chamber the gas fit, water cooled chamber is of double wall construction with water circulating on the four sides.Thermostatic controls automatically adjust water supply for adequate cooling and minimum water use.Variable zones of water temperature control are provided to adjust quenching rates for various loads.Removable covers enable regular cleaning.Mesh belt and belt drive a 10 to 1 ratio variable speed drive unit with broadly adjustable belt speeds allows the processing of various thicknesses of materials with variable temperature needs.The heat resistant nickel-chrome alloy belt is driven from the charge end of furnace by a pinch roll that presses the mesh belt tightly against a rubber covered drive drum.An idle drum at the discharge end of the furnace keeps tension on the belt to offer support throughout the return.The mesh belt stretching is decreased since a minimum tension is required to pull the belt through the furnace.The belt take up is constructed without manual adjustment.Hearth supports and piers hearth supports are constructed of a series of silicon carbide tiles for uniform, low friction supports of the belt as it moves through the heating chamber.This design decreases any stress and warpage because of the temperature alterations.It is easy to replace the tiles.Brick support piers are used to support the silicon carbide hearth across the heating chamber.Heating chamber assembly the furnace casing, when used welded gas tight construction, is lined with elevated temperature resistant brick insulation in the side walls and floor.The removable roof lined with a lightweight insulation that allow for easy accessibility to the heating chamber for maintenance.Doors entrance and exit doors are manual, adjustable to decrease atmosphere consumption and contamination.Throat-kind refractory inner doors are standard on all models with door openings 18inch or broader.Flame curtains an air-gas flame curtain at every end of the furnace ignites escaping atmosphere gases and decrease air filtration.Atmosphere curtains removable, multiple heat resistant curtains inside the charge and discharge opening decrease atmosphere losses and reduce the filtration of outside air.Exhaust hoods at every end of the furnace carry away waste atmosphere and products of combustion.

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