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Methods To Process Bentonites By Grinding Mills

People usually use grinding mills to process bentonites.The main purpose is to make activated clay and clay particles.Activated clay is a kind of chemical products made from bentonites, with the multiple functions of activated carbon and much cheaper than activated carbon.Therefore, it is widely used in the oil industry for a variety of mineral oils; in the grease industry for animal and vegetable oils; to recycle solid, liquid paraffin, fatty acid and waste oil; in the refined decolorization of ethanol, benzene etc.It can also be used for the clarification of wine and juice, used in sugar syrup purification industry, used as catalyst support of chemical industry and additive of powder pesticide, etc.Clay particles are to take the activated clay as the main raw materials, derived from scientific formula and chemical treatment.Their appearance are small unshaped granulars, it has more specific surface area and particle strength than the activated clay.It hasstable performance and good selectivity, also has high adsorption capacity.Therefore they are not only widely used for arene purification in petrochemical industry;for aviation kerosene refining; but also used for the refining of lubricants, base oil, diesel and other oil products and for the removal of the residual impurities in the oil products such as the alkenes, colloid, asphalt, basic nitrides and so on.There are many types of equipment to process bentonites.In accordance with the requirements of bentonite products, we can choose the suitable machines, which include raymond mill, ball mill, high pressure suspension mill, hgm three-rings & medium-speed micropowder mill and super pressure trapezium grinding mill etc.The output size from raymond mill varies from 440 to 613 microns (0.44 ~0.613mm or 425~100 mesh).These final products sizes can meet the demands from different clients through the combined effect of the separator and the blower.The final products sizes from the high pressure suspension mill can be adjusted between 80 mesh to 425 mesh (the fineness can be up to 1000 mesh).Through being equipped the special device, it can produce 30 ~80 mesh coarse powder; and three-rings & medium-speed micropowder mil can even produce 325-3250 mesh final powder, of course the capacity decreases by 350 ~ 6000 kg/h.And more details about these grinding mills ,please refer to the specifications in our products brochures or on our website.(please note that the specifications mentioned above will change according to the conditions such as the materials, the moisture, even the same material name from different areas and so on.) at present, the domestic clay particles are instead of tonsil clay particles from usa and are used for the removal of alkenes in the aromatic combined device, the refining of aviation kerosene and solvents oil etc.Also mainly used in sewage treatment , the filtration of toxic gases and the catalytic cracking in petrochemical oil industry.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as mineral sand washer,ore vibrating feeder,jaw crusher supplier,magnetic drum separator,aggregate jaw crusher, henan hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.Raymond mill: http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_22.Html.

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