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Mill Industry Is Facing Great Problems

At present, the vast majority of domestic milling machinery industry has not yet reached the requirements of the economic scale, which just stay in a single, small quantities of low level of shoddy.In the next period of time, competition in the milling machinery market is bound to show the competitive landscape of the group, the scale, high-tech.The number of china's machinery imports 85% of milling machinery.National reunification sleeve dryer statistics office data show that the capacity of china's chemical milling machinery market of 45 billion yuan, the total demand for milling machinery is about 30 million units, accounting for about 7% of the total market.At present, the domestic milling machinery, production and operation of machinery association 160 member companies, about 65% but less than the economies of scale requirements, the more the strength of the manufacturing companies are not a lot.Throughout the milling machinery market in china in recent years, imports of machinery increased year by year, the decline in production growth, the overall operation is extremely uneven and lower level of profitability, the increase in loss, the overall economic efficiency is generally low.Especially since the implementation of market economy, township enterprises and individual enterprises has been a rapid development, even many small plants that do not have the production capacity of chemical mechanical blindly grab the decay machinery, so that the low level of the chemical machinery to a serious oversupply of each other to keep the prices down and compete with each other cost of product sales increases every year, a greater product cost, reduced corporate profits, causing serious economic losses.According to the "2012-2016 china plastic machinery manufacturing market analysis and development prospect report: current, specific domestic chemical and mechanical manufacturing enterprises, but also did not form a real brand, not enough market influence, anti-strike capability of market is relatively small.Now the competition in the market, in fact, brand, quality, price, service and credibility of the competition.Therefore, the milling machinery enterprises in china should be cooperation with the internationally renowned brand of mechanical industry company, the introduction of their advanced technology and management mode, combined with china's actual conditions, rapid adjustment of product structure, the development of practical, high technical content, corrosion wear resistance safe and efficient operation and reliable sealing performance corrosion-resistant milling machinery, mass production economies of scale, use of modern marketing strategy is essential to the steady development of the domestic market to find a way out for the sustainable development of the milling machinery in china.Impact breaker : http://www.Mine-crusher.Com/impactcrusher.Htmore flotation equipment : http://www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/flotation-separator.Htmlsingle toggle jaw crusher : http://www.Mine-crusher.Com/jawcrusher.Htmsand washing machine : http://www.Best-crushers.Com/sandwasher.Htmcombination crusher : http://www.Best-crushers.Com/combination.Htm.

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