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Mill Innovation Should Change To The Ecological Tendency

Achieve a mill production of ecology and the circulating fluidized, reuse changealong with the development of the domestic industry, mining resources to the increasing demand in.Impact breaker and how to meet the current social development needs, to find more mining resources, is a problem to be solved.1025 period, domestic to mine resources for energy structure adjustment with more standard, rationalization and technological promoting the development of the chinese mine resources.Collis rick mill equipment according to the natural environment the realization of harmonious development demands that mining machinery achieve "cement equipmentecological", the circulating fluidized, and then turn.Experts point out that, at present the mine the machine's technical level, is the production promote concentration broken screening equipment for the mainstream,rock crushers the next 20 years of development, will still be so.In further improving precision, efficiencycement mill price, automation, intelligentwet magnetic separator, network, and on the basis of processing unit and gradually to the high-end equipment manufacturing system transition.In recent years, our country powder mill equipment such as the machine's technical level also made by leaps and bounds development, powder production, application and equipment manufacturing in scientific research and development progress rapidly, there have been new equipmentdrum dryer, new products on the market appear.The rapid development of industry in powder, meanwhile, work industry as mill powder equipment manufacturing enterprise collis rick speaking, superfine grinding machine for a further improve also with development.Henan hongxing grinding machine adopts the advanced idea, novel design, reasonable structure, cover an area of an area small, low power consumption, operation and long life, partsmineral sand washer, low cost, high performance-cost ratio.In the whole life cycle does not produce environmental pollution or minimize environmental pollution, make its resource utilization rate was the highest, and the lowest energy consumptionball mills, and finally achieve the enterprise economic benefit and social benefit harmonization.This is a mill energy conservation and environmental protection to suit the domestic "green manufacturing" the embodiment of the idea.From simple processing manufacturing, to high technology content development, more and more money into scientific research innovation projects, hongxing mill production passed from "quantitative change to the qualitative change" leap forward.A few days ago, henan hongxing large mill has launched market, high grinding equipment series is continuous research and development.In order to satisfy the economic development for ultrafine powder equipment technology level requirement,, henan hongxing always persistent on grinding machine research and development.China dryers:www.China-crusher.Com/drier5.Htmlhydraulic cone crusher:www.China-crusher.Com/cone-crusher5.Htmlspiral classifier price:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/screw-classifier.Html.

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