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Mill Maintenance Methods Used For Whole Process

As a maintenance technician in the factory, one of the machines i worked on was a haas vf3 mill.As cnc machines go, it is a well set-up mill, especially for the price.The casting and controls are american, and the integration is good.However, like all machines, there are some quirks in the way this machine behaves; particularly when a failure occurs.Now, we can assume that the machine would behave strangely when it experiences a failure, but how it behaves is determined by the presence of fail-safe routines in the programming, or the lack thereof.To be checked before starting the grinding mill bearings, transmission equipment including connecting bolts, large gears connecting bolts, a material conveying equipment, safety facilities.And clear obstacle to the functioning of debris around the mill.You should follow the order of 'discharge conveyor equipment → mill → feeding equipment' to start grinding mill product line, and shutdown according to the opposite order.In the operation period shall be strict compliance with operating procedures.To achieve constant attention to the machine running sound is normal or not, check the lubrication of bearings and bearing temperature is normal, regular checks of the motor temperature and current check the functioning of the transmission equipment.After the mill outage, check the main bearings, hollow shaft, cylinder, reducer connections and other important components, and wear problems are discovered timely processing.Normal operation and maintenance work, the choice of lubricants, use, and storage is very important.Because the role of lubricants can avoid direct contact with the surface of machine parts, reducing friction, reducing wear and tear can be made possible.While taking advantage of thermal conductivity of the oil can pass the heat generated by friction, it should be kept clean and a certain degree of viscosity of lubricating oil, while oil to ensure adequate and smooth flow.If you need to stop grinding mills for a longer time, you should put the poured out, to avoid the tube bend.In cold areas, to release bearing cooling water in winter, in order to avoid frost crack.To explain that requires some background information.Since this particular model haas does not utilize a linear encoder (glass scale such as a heidenhain) on any axis, it must depend upon a comparison between the commanded pulses sent to the motor (sometimes referred to as the pulse train) and the feedback pulses from the encoder mounted on the servomotor shaft.Generally, there are a reasonable number of "lag" pulses defined in the parameters for the axis that are the allowable difference in count between the commanded pulses to the servomotor and the returned pulses from the encoder.This is normal, as there is a lag in time between the command to move, and the time at which actual servomotor rotation takes place (thus moving the axis).When this allowable difference is exceeded, we are informed by the control that we have an "excess servo error" for that axis.Barring that, if everything works right, the commanded pulses and the feedback pulses from the encoder equal out within previously defined limits (parameter: in-position width) and the control is satisfied that the commanded movement has been accomplished.With its high quality products such as hammer crusher, raymond mill, hongxing machinery has ascended in the front rank of the world in the exporting of mining equipment.Hammer crusher:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/3.Htmlraymond mill:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/13.Html.

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