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Mining Machinery Should Improve Innovation Ability

Our country mining machinery industry in the 1990 s is the most difficult period,shaking concentrator 1999 years after mining machinery industry began to recover, the enterprise out of the difficult in the history of the development opportunity.But at present our country industry science and technology base of ore machine more weak, since the reform and opening, mining machinery industry to market change technology as improve product of the technical level of the main way, at the same time also face foreign competitors in china the serious situation of investing in factories.Concerned expert advice, our country mining machinery industry should seize the opportunity, accelerate development,secondary cone crusher must first in the scientific research and technical renovation and independent innovation aspect.Our country mining machinery industry at present there are two points: one is mine machinery industry enterprise comprehensive strength is not strong, most enterprise in the scientific research, new product development, technical innovation and enterprise management,china impact crusher the energy and funds are in pause state.Domestic mining machinery products especially the national construction much-needed key equipment can't meet the requirements and technical content is low, the existing products added value of the products is not high, the product quality is not stable, such problems as the overall labour productivity.Cause our country mining machinery manufacturing enterprise value growth and profit growth very proportion.2 it is product variety, technology,primary jaw crusher quality, service and other problems, lead to domestic mining machinery industry of the actual contribution rate low for the mine.By metallurgy mine as an example, currently in use have the equipment 1180, our country can subsistence only about 26%, and mostly or low content of technology and quality requirements of the equipment is not high, the remaining 74% or so still need to import.Domestic equipment especially with high technical content of mobile equipment, such as whole section roadheader,clinker rotary kiln mine car, excavator, scrapers, compared with imported equipment and a large gap.For this, the expert puts forward improving mining machinery industry innovation ability of the ways: first, mining machinery manufacturing industry should take and foreign companies and domestic professional design institute established different forms of joint, including form a group,mineral sand washer association, the introduction of technology, introduce talents and so on, at least in a project to fight for the joint design method, first intervention to improve,jaw crusher supplier do a win-win situation.Secondly, as soon as possible to establish and perfect the advantage of professional applications laboratory, products, manufacturing technology application technology research.Lab should be high start, based on practical; including test theory and method, test equipment and scale, and the control and testing technology and, when necessary, should introduce the foreign advanced technology.In addition, the domestic and foreign relevant institutions of higher learning, is not only the mining machinery technology talent cultivation base, and is mining machinery foundation theory and test technology research origin, must use its power, and they take different forms of joint and cooperation.China cone crusher:www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/27.Htm stone production line:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/stone-crushing-plant.Html artificial sand washer:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/sand-maker.Html.

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