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Mobile Crusher Builds Low Cost Building Aggregate

With the development of urban construction in china each year only generated by the construction of the building construction waste at least more than 300 million t, accounting for 30% -40% of the total garbage.Construction waste generated by the plus building renovation, demolition, building materials industry, a greater number.How to properly handle construction waste is a major issue in the face of the relevant departments.In recent years, one after another has been in shenzhen, handan, beijing, kunming, weifang, qingdao, and even the province of xuchang, pingdingshan city and private institutions, on the launch of construction waste recycling projects, some have become the industry model, changing the construction waste single landfill disposal.Also proved that construction waste is not useless, to make good use can change waste into treasure, to the enterprise to the state, to bring benefits to society.The mining machinery crusher, mill, sand making machine technology developed, slag and other industrial residues has been put to good use, then the processing of construction waste cannot be overemphasized.The experts say that the brick made from construction waste, construction waste content up to 70% -80%, and some models of brick made entirely from construction waste.The fine aggregate and the slurry, the ratio of the system out of this ordinary cement block, the compressive strength than the national standard, up to 30 mpa, much higher than the normal solid brick, fired brick.Relative to the construction waste aggregate in ordinary sand-stone, after the treatment, more money, while ensuring the strength, energy saving, environmental protection.This is the major issues facing us now.Henan hongxing machine as early as 2010 had a market-oriented launched a series of mobile crusher for construction waste disposal, in view of the ordinary sand stone, mostly collected from the river, big excavation has made a lot of river a thousand wounds holes, scars, moreover, the price of each side is generally more than 100 yuan, while the recycling of construction waste processing aggregate, the cost is much lower.At the same time, the brick construction waste aggregate materials insulating better performance, more energy efficient.Henan hongxing machine mobile crushers 2012 fully updated, more effective solution to the dispersion of the construction waste, broken venues, the environment, the complex configuration of the basis to customer's broken barriers to jobs, flexible configuration, large crushing ratio, simple and efficient low-cost new broken devices.Magnetic drum separator : http://www.China-crusher.Com/magnetic-separator5.Htmlcement rotating dryer : http://www.China-crusher.Com/drier5.Htmllimestone dryer : http://www.Mine-crusher.Com/dryer.Htmsand washing plant : http://www.China-crusher.Com/sand-washer3.Htmlstone crushing plant : http://www.Best-crushers.Com/47.Htm.

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