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Mobile Crusher Used In Limestone Mining Processing Plant

How to use cone limestone crusher machine1.When cone crusher is operating, even feeding should be delivered.If the feeding is uneven, production capacity will be reduced, product granularity is too big, spring action is frequent, pressure of bowl-shaped bearing is high, energy consumption is increasing.2.Iron removing device must be installed to prevent from iron overload.If iron overload is frequent, it will probably cause axis failure accident.3.Full capacity must be realized, otherwise, product granularity is over rough.4.Distribution of crushing ratio of production line must be reasonable, so as to give full play to maximum crushing efficiency 5.Spring pressure can not be too tight, over pressure will cause off-axis accident occurred.If pressure is over low, spring will bounce frequently, which will affect the normal operation of crusher, and product granularity is becoming rough.6.Lubricating oil temperature cannot be too high or too low, otherwise, it will affect normal operation of the machine.Application of mobile crush plant in opencast mining fieldmain user of opencast mining is power plant, its requirement of supply coal granularity to power plant less than 200mm.Most of small and medium opencast mining is not equipped with crushing equipment, and granularity of coal cannot reach the requirement, all of which directly affect the economic efficiency of mining.Establishing a set of fixed crushing plant, it is not only with large investment at a time, but also with addition of reshipment, which resulting in production cost increasing, and influencing the economic efficiency of mining.Opencast mining is having top-down rock strata, including cemented gravel layer, jurassic stratum, medium sandstone, fine sandstone, etc., rock mass has its particularity of density, hardness, structure equality.Also, under the condition of crushing action, different type of rock soil has different reflection of vibration from crushing.Because all coal-bearing stratum is even rock mass, its ability of accepting vibration wave transmission is related to property of rock mass.The harder the rock, the higher the density, the higher the wave velocity, so some crushing technology should be took.Due to the particularity of opencast mining, plus limited technology, opencast mining has been constrained.With the improvement of machinery equipment technology, crawler mobile crushing plant is widely used in department of highway and bridge construction, urban architecture, metallurgy, energy, and so on to carry on crushing, screening, etc., which is especially suitable for use in opencast coal mining.It is with low oil consumption, low noise, reliable performance, providing reliable, economic, environmental power source.Military low temperature preheating starter can be installed to engine, so as to make the equipment easily start under low temperature of -25c°.Chassis uses crawler whole rigidity ship type structure, which characterizes with high strength, better grounding performance than that of pull down, good adaptability to hilly area and everglade.For high pulling torque traveling motor with mature technology, it characterizes with great driving force and high reliability.Operating system selects imported servo priority one with characteristics of convenient operation, accurate control, which can realize electrode-less traveling speed.The successful research and development of the equipment greatly accelerates the progress speed of opencast mining, which refreshes mining industry with new vitality.In the limestone production process, we will mainly introduce to you limestone crushing process and limestone grinding system.Limestone crushing process is the first important procedure before limestone materials are dried and sent into the next system.The ratio of size of the largest block to be feed and the final products' particle size is called reduction ratio of the crushing system.It directly affects the identification of the number of broken sections and the selection of crusher.In the limestone crushing plant, there are hammer crusher and impact crusher for big reduction ratio.Usually these limestone crushers' reduction ratio is 10~35.Take the example that if the first input size of limestone rocks is 200mm, the final particles' size should be less than 10um.Under this, hammer crusher or impact crusher is the suitable limestone crushing equipment.For the limestone powder grinding equipment, tube mill is used.The whole powder grinding system uses loop flow system.Meantime you can select the separator in accordance with the requirements.After crushed by limestone crushers, the materials are grinded in the powder grinding equipment and discharged to high efficiency separator by elevator.Pulse bag dust catcher is also needed in the whole limestone grinding plant.

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