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Models And Operation Process Of Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is a newly produced crushing machine which adopts some features of old-fashioned crushers.The machine belongs to a new generation of products to replace the old broken machine.Jaw crusher models, jaw rock breaking machine model to abandon the previous design features of the old-fashioned crusher, hydraulic, new broken way stone aircraft produced by grain type, particle size uniformity, and the plane has a large output high production efficiency, large crushing ratio, low power consumption advantages, the aircraft has come to be widely used.Jaw crusher / jaw crusher thrust plate doubles as a safety device, because when the part design, the thrust plate design as the weakest link when the overload point, so that first break, to protect the equipment of other parts of the is not damaged, the thrust plate is not just a passing force of the connecting rod is also broken the insurance part of the machine, and the thrust plate with high wear-resistant manganese steel casting, and to reduce its cross-sectional area in the middle of drilling or slotting, the thrust plate can also use the combination, its rivets and other connecting elements made ??of brittle materials, overload when they first cut.Which protect the crusher to normal operation.Another overload transfer arm device, the protection device is to the crusher crushing protection.The device depends mainly on the leaf spring pulley and the spindle crusher linking pass torque by adjusting gasket when the overload point, the leaf spring to disengage with the pulley, the pulley on the spindle over the transfer the spindle stops rotating when the overload is removed, it can be reset quickly, the characteristics of the device does not damage any parts, and the high sensitivity of insurance, safe and reliable.Jaw crusher is generally divided into the compound pendulum jaw crusher and two kinds of simple pendulum jaw crusher, mainly used for coarse, medium broken.In recent years, the compound pendulum jaw crusher used for crushing and crushing of high strength, high hardness and low carbon ferrochrome strong crusher.As we all know, the main problem is the jaw crusher jaw, low life.To this end, the company developed a special material, to improve the boot process to avoid overload damage, still on the mainframe using a fluid coupling, and improved device performance.1, to comply with the casting equipment common operational procedures.2, check v-belt (or flat belt) tightness and wear, such as too tight too loose, or badly worn, should promptly adjust or replace the belt.3, the wear of the check either side of the board, such as severe wear and tear should be replaced.4, according to the process requirements, adjust the opening size of the palate.5, such as shields, or hoods are not intact, it is not allowed to drive in order to avoid personal injury.6 hand drive fixed flywheel or pulling the belt to confirm that the device is rotating flexible in order to no-load test.7, empty of equipment in normal operation, only to allow feeding broken.Feeding should be uniform, not allowed to join other material.8, constant attention to the material circumstances, if any blockage, should be promptly dredge.9, before stopping, the palate, the material must be all broken before parking.With its high quality products such as jaw crusher、rock crushing plant、sand washer、cement mill, henan hongxing mining machinery co.Ltd has ascended in the front rank of the world in the exporting of mining equipment.Jaw crusher:http://www.Hx-crushers.Com/rock crushing plant:http://www.Hx-crusher.Com/stone_production_line.Htmlsand washer:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/16.Htmlcement mill:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/62.Html.

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