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Mopar Muscle For Cheap

Now after my last article "mopar or no car" a few of you emailed me that you love mopar but you can't get one for cheap! all of them are $15,000 and over! well sure you probably can't get find a 68-70 charger for cheap, you probably can't find a challenger for cheap or a super bee and definitely not a daytona or a super bird but there are classic afford able mopars out there that you can find for an afford able price and a few of them you can buy on a teens budget.C- body mopars expect to pay: $2500-$8000 if you want something that is still from the 60s and 70s but can't afford a charger, challenger or roadrunner look into the c-body chryslers.They are full size cars and most will be automatic (can be good or bad for some of you).Cars to look for are the plymouth fury's, dodge polara's, maybe the chrysler 300s (they will be closer to the $8000 range).Also all of the cars will have the same engines as the other moaprs the 440, the 383, the 318, a few of them may have the lesser known 413 b engine.Mopar wagons expect to pay: $1500-$7500 now by all of you 2 door, and coupe/sedan only elitists just read ahead because this probably won't interest you (though you are now going to read this anyway).Good classic mopars to look for are the coronet wagons, the dodge polara wagon, plymouth gtx wagon and plymouth belvedere wagon.All of these wagons will have the same engines as the there more known muscle counter parts and some of them will have the 440! these wagons will be cheap, and can be built up just like their muscle cousins.For a few grand you can have yourself a draggin' wagon! dodge monaco expect to pay: $1000-$9000- a great car to look for, for your mopar project are the dodge monaco's.The sedans will be cheaper and its one of the few cars where the 60s ones are more common and cheaper.If you do find a 1974 make sure it has a 440 cop motor, cop tires, and cop suspension.Dodge d100 trucks expect to pay: $500-$6000 by far the cheapest classic mopars you can hot rod.If you live out in or near the country side, you can find a lot of them for sale lying around old farms and other large properties.Ones that have the slant 6 cycl can be found for as low as $500.Most of these trucks will the 318, which can still be built into a great mill.The most expensive d100s will be the "little red express" trucks from the late 70s.70s plymouth dusters expect to pay: $2000-$8000 some of the most overlooked mopars are the plymouth dusters.Surprisingly they are overlooked because in the early 70s they were common super stock cars and don prudhome, and tom mcewen had duster funny cars.If the duster has a slant 6 cycl you can find them for around $2000 in good condition.You still can find 340 or 360 powered ones for that price but expect some body work or new paint.For a good condition ready to go duster with a 340 expect around $6000-$8000.Dodge demon expect to pay: $2500-$10,000 the second most expensive car on our list, the dodge demon original started out as a fastback option for the dart but it ended up becoming the performance option.Most demons will come with a 340 in them, the later 75-76 models will have 360s and some will have 318s.These cars are a little tougher to find then our other mopars we mentioned, however when you do find one it will most likely be in the $3000-$6000 range with minor body and paint work needed.73-74 dodge charger expect to pay: $5000-$10000: i've got some good news and bad news for you charger fans.The good news is, it's a dodge charger! the bad news is, it's not the 68-69 charger.The good news is, it's cheaper the the other charger! the bad news, still expect to pay around $5000- $10000.Some of you may not like this charger as much as its 68-70 cousin since its not general lee or was in bullit.However this charge has made a small name for its self being the star of usa's show burn notice (yes the charger is the star) where it can be seen tearing up the streets of miami.Since burn notice is on its 5th season, maybe these chargers will be come collectors items one day? late 40's dodge or plymouth's expect to pay: $2500-$10,000 these cars will be harder to find but they are still good to look for.If you find one, they could make a great gasser, hot rod or a street and strip car.These will probably need some more work than the other cars on the list.If you find a cheap $2500 one, expect to find a new mill and transmission.They are good cars though and make a great classic.There are more mopars that are affordable, that you can make into a great hot rod.Some other ones are the dodge dakota trucks, the dodge durango's (no seriously), the ramchargers and the aspen's.There are affordable mopars out there, you just gotta look! who knowns maybe there is a nice plymouth duster sitting in some garage somewhere that the owner has to get rid of.

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